Vomiting in pregnancy, what can I do?

When women want to get pregnant, one of the main symptoms that they are, sometimes without having full confirmation, is that one day they get up and feel their stomach upset, nausea and even vomiting. The doubt is served . It is not known for sure why there are women more likely than others to feel this discomfort, but the truth is that at the beginning of pregnancy the hormone Beta-hCG is produced in greater quantity , which favors the appearance of these nausea, a sensation that It increases when the pregnancy is multiple , since there are several fetuses that produce at the same time this hormone in the woman’s body.

According to Elisa Díaz de Teran, a specialist in high obstetric risk of the Gynecology Service of the Sanitas La Zarzuela University Hospital , these symptoms are more common between the 6th and 14th week of pregnancy «because it is the period in which this hormone is at full capacity, and After the first quarter, production decreases ».

This expert recognizes ABC that there are no preventive measures to avoid these unpleasant symptoms, but to the affected women she recommends two simple tips:

– Eat a small amount of food every two or three hours, without spending more time without ingesting so as not to fall into the risk of hypoglycemia.

– Take cold and solid foods instead of hot and solid foods ; that is, flee from the typical caldito or coffee.

When to worry

He explains that when the situation is very uncomfortable for pregnant women, ginger drugs and derivatives are usually recommended . «It is important to go to the specialist only at the time when the woman does not tolerate the intake of solids and liquids or when a loss of weight is observed. In very rare exceptions, hyperemesis gravidarum can be suffered , with very successive vomiting that may require the admission of the pregnant woman to the hospital to avoid dehydration. They are very exceptional cases, ”he emphasizes.

He also warns that there are a number of myths that do not have any type of scientific basis such as that if the mother vomits during pregnancy it is that the baby will be a child (in some cases they are inclined, however, by the female sex), or that if he suffers a lot of heartburn it is because the future baby will be born with a lot of hair.

What Elisa Díaz de Teran does confirm is that it is very common for almost all women to suffer from some gastric discomfort and heaviness with a full stomach sensation “motivated by a slowing of the intestinal transit that causes it to take longer to empty,” he says.

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