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I would like to thank author Robin Mackey  for his report on The Guardian titled “Block on GM Rice .” Bangladesh is currently facing a similar problem which I would like to inform you. To ensure the protection of food and nutrition in Bangladesh, Golden Rice or Golden Rice should be exposed to the public and adopt accurate breeding technology. I would like to share my opinion as to why the golden rice production process in Bangladesh should be taken so fast (though it is already late).


Immediately after the liberation of Bangladesh through a nine-month bloody war against West Pakistan, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman expressed his view of building a war-torn country as ‘Sonar Bangla’ by ensuring food and nutrition security. Famine and the ‘manga’ (period of food crisis) were a matter of routine and caused thousands of deaths every year. Due to his far-reaching leadership in investing in agriculture, over the past four decades, Bangladesh has become almost self-reliant by increasing the production of prime crop crops such as rice, by 4-5 times, with the widespread adoption of hybrid varieties and hybrid technologies.National Agriculture Policy 20 should focus on the use of agricultural technologies, such as biotechnology and genetic engineering, to ensure protection of both food and nutrition for the more than 3 million population living in this small Asian state, such as Bangladesh. To combat the harmful pests of eggplant shoots and fruit pellets, Bangladesh introduced the first GM crop, Bt-eggplant, on 25, which significantly increased the income of thousands of farmers and reduced the use of pesticides. In human history, Paul Berg was a pioneer in the development of recombinant DNA technology and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 8 which marked the beginning of a new era of GM technology.Using his revolutionary policy, human insulin is produced by bacteria and the East, which continues to save the lives of billions of diabetic patients worldwide. No one has yet asked about the safety of GM insulin! There is also a lot of untapped potential in the use of GM crops.

Golden Rice

The severe lack of vitamin A is a serious threat, especially for poor and malnourished children, leading to global blindness and even death. It is estimated that millions of children have died or been suffering from vitamin A deficiency in Bangladesh and other countries since 28 years. The global population mortality rate is 1.5-2 million due to vitamin A deficiency alone, which is higher than the deaths caused by HIV or TB. To counter this dire situation, in the mid-sixties Ingo Patricus and Peter Bayer proved a revolutionary idea of ​​introducing vitamin A into the main food crop through genetic modification of Agrobacterium and named the new rice as Golden Rice or Golden Rice. Recently, in the  Journal of Plant Molecular Biology Tatiana and Leon found the soil bacteria andAgrobacterium attempts to transform the plant’s natural genetics. Conceptual research by Ingo and Bayer has made it possible to add up to 25-5 micrograms of vitamin A per gram of rice. Unlike other GM crops, several government-financed companies such as the Erie, Gates Foundation, USAID, Rockefeller Foundation have been implementing the technology for local rice varieties and ensuring standard biosafety in the ecosystem of people, the environment and other animals for the last 3-5 years.

The Philippines is making a comeback. Naturally three carotenoid biosynthetic genes have been derived from corn and soil bacteria,giving the same results in all biosafety experiments in a multi-location restricted field trial of both countries.The results of these rice were similar in yield, nutrient content and other biochemical parameters. Golden rice or Golden Rice rich in vitamins is safe for people and has great potential to solve the problem of child blindness and death in Bangladesh and other countries. For the approval of the National Biosafety Committee under the Ministry of Environment, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRI) has submitted an application for the development of Golden Rice from a mega-breed of BRI-20 using the latest version of the Golden Rice Development Strategy. With a number of questions and answers, it is  expected that this golden rice proposed by Bri will be approved in Bangladesh within a short time. In practical terms, Golden Rice is not a new GM crop. There are many successful examples of long-term safe use of GM crops.GM and papaya, which is grown in Hawaii, are now consumed safely in GM and the United States.


Not surprisingly, NGOs like “Greenpeace” and “Friends of the Earth” are spreading precision farming in Europe to developing countries where food and nutrition security is a major concern. Policy makers in developing countries should rely on the blessings of science where they are scientifically famous. Genetic change is referred to as a new age system. GM grains are just a result of advanced tactics, not dependent on conventional breeding. Once all biosafety guidelines are followed, there is nothing to worry about in the safety of using the GM method. We are using crude genetics and plant breeding that randomly changes genes by joining compatible plants, and so it took a long time to find a line that is desirable. With careful preparation and following guidelines, we can save thousands of lives with the help of GM crops.

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There was a regional conference on October 27 this year on ‘Policy and practice in South Asia’ hosted by the South Asian Institute of North and University of North and University. The keynote speaker was Nobel laureate Sir Richard J. Roberts, who supported the 7 Nobel Laureate GM crops in the world as cultivating and safe for human consumption. Bangladesh’s Minister of Agriculture Dr Abdur Razzak, a prominent agricultural scientist, expressed his government’s strong commitment to approve golden rice for farmers’ agriculture in order to achieve nutritional protection goals. Although there is some controversy over the depletion of beta carotene in stored rice, I think that golden rice will supplement our staple diet, a significant requirement for their vitamin A requirements.Farmers and consumers should be keen on whether they will consume GM-rich foods, but promoting these national diets is not prudent. Considering the extra nutrients (rich in vitamin A), Golden Rice is safer than conventional rice.


As a researcher in biotechnology and genetic engineering, I think it is appropriate for Bangladesh to introduce branding technology like Golden Rice, a new product produced by rapid breeding technologies such as gene editing, to make agriculture profitable. Production of highly nutritious food at affordable prices is essential for the farmers and the growing population of Bangladesh. In order to accelerate the approval of climate tolerant crops through speed breeding , I have put the following recommendations for the countries of Bangladesh and South Asia:


(i) Accelerated application of biotechnology in agriculture is needed in Bangladesh and South Asian countries to achieve some SDGs and meet the food needs of growing population;

(ii) investment and cooperation in public-private partnerships in nationally-priority areas related to food and nutrition security;

(iii) follow the platforms for data sharing and exchange (open data sharing) to ensure biosafety;

(iv) targeted and integrated research campaigns;

(v) The trans-gene-free organism performed by the genome must be given an immediate green signal for planting in the field.

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Delaying the use of this revolutionary technology over the years is simply due to the lack of direct cooperation of the Regulatory Commission, which will not be wise in this 21st Century. The media should present science as fact, not propaganda as fiction. It is true that food is not a problem for the developed countries, but the need to survive food for malnutrition in developing and underdeveloped countries. The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Norman Borlaug once said,


“You cannot make peace on an empty stomach.”


by Abdullah Sam
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