Villains to the rescue! LEGO DC Super-Villains Review

One of the most prolific franchises by far of all that are part of this industry, LEGO, returns with a video game that has a slightly different touch: we have to play the villains! Analysis of LEGO DC Super Villains.

Ihave lost count of the titles belonging to the LEGO saga that I have analyzed / finished for 3DJuegos: I think I am more pigeonholed than Morgan Freeman. The fact is that how could it be otherwise, here I bring you the analysis of the recent LEGO DC Super Villains . A title that may have been overlooked by many users due to the flood of productions that are appearing at the same time but which, as always happens with the vast majority of video games belonging to this LEGO Games universe, is worth it.


Is it a groundbreaking delivery within the franchise? Not at all. Does it offer many playable news? Not even remotely. Is it still fun and recommendable? Undoubtedly, at least for those who know exactly what awaits them: a sense of humor, very familiar gameplay and an army of controllable LEGO characters … which in this case take on an even more prominent role than usual.


Time to do evil in LEGO DC Super-Villains! Launch Trailer


Villains to powerBut if this new video game by TT Games stands out for something in relation to what its previous works have shown us, it is because of the prominence that characters such as Joker, Lex Luthor, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Deadshot and many others that are part of the team reach. of controllable characters that can be seen throughout the 15 main levels (or are there more?) that bring LEGO DC Super Villains to life . In addition and if that were not enough guys who can handle (it is possible to unlock over 150) at the beginning we are given the opportunity to create one from scratch, work can be performed through a very complete editor , in line with the one registered in some of the most recent productions of this same study.

The sandbox character is once again very present in this new adventure in the LEGO saga.

So, what about Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and other DC Comics superheroes? Well, they are also seen during all phases … but their role is very secondary. And what is all this due to? Well, to the plot that gives life to LEGO DC Super-Villains, since the forces of order (led by Commissioner James Gordon ) are forced to recruit Lex Luthor … but everything goes wrong and dozens of super villains escape from prison of Stryker from Metropolis. But that is not the worst, since to all this is added the presence of a group of alleged saviors of humanity from a parallel world that calls itself the Syndicate of Justice that … well, you will find out what happens to them.

Once again we find a great diversity of situations and objectivesComing into playable matter, the truth is that this new work by TT Games houses each and every one of the main characteristics linked to this saga for a long time. And that includes its sandbox character that was established a few years ago in the LEGO saga , being able to freely travel both Gotham City (Batman) and Metropolis (Superman) among other typical places extracted from the world of DC Comics, large cities that hide infinite minigames, secondary tasks, colored bricks and unlockables. As always with LEGO games, clearing the main stages is the tip of the iceberg of the immense amount of tasks and hours of play that await us if we want to complete the adventure in its entirety.

Although at the beginning they are almost all blocked, as we progress it is possible to enable more than 160 different types.

Regarding its game mechanics, once again we find a great diversity of situations and objectives that it is necessary to carry out to advance in each phase. Fighting against dozens of opponents is one of the main ones, confrontations that are quite simple but that delight us with certain special attacks linked to each of the protagonists.


The solving of puzzles also has its place in LEGO DC Super Villains, being necessary to use the unique abilities of the protagonists to find the solution of many of them, enigmas that are not complicated at all to solve. At the end of the day, it is a family title especially aimed at children. The exploration also takes center stage, being necessary to overcome the main missions more than once and with different characters in order to discover many of the secrets and unlockable material they hide. A fairly balanced gameplay that, as always, can be enjoyed both alone and in the company of another player in local cooperative mode (no online, as you may already suppose).

The sense of humor is one of its main claims, being able to be witnesses of very funny situations.

As for the innovations that this new installment of the LEGO series integrates … what do you want me to tell you, they are almost non-existent. Beyond the new plot (very striking and well written as I have mentioned before) and the incorporation of new appearances for the characters as well as certain new-minded animations and some new minigames, there is little else to scratch in this regard. The integration of some weighty novelty is missed, but I fear that we will have to wait for another opportunity to experience it.


The innovations that make up this new installment of the LEGO series are almost non-existentSomething similar happens with its technical side, since the title again uses the same graphics engine used in the most recent installments of this same saga. The most striking thing is once again the design and the funny animations of the protagonists , which enjoy an impressive expressiveness. The scenarios do not look bad either, although a little more detail would not have hurt them and, also, they reveal defects such as popping and late loading of textures, hits that do not affect the gameplay at all.

The sound aspect performs at a higher level, becoming in fact one of the main values ​​of the title in my opinion. Yes, because to the exemplary dubbing work that has been integrated, there is a much more sugary and “adult” soundtrack than is usual in TT Games productions and very good sound effects.



LEGO DC Super-Villains





Joker, Lex Luthor and company star in the new LEGO adventure that, without offering anything especially refreshing or new, maintains the usual standard of quality of said TT Games series. More than 160 controllable characters, a flawless sound section, several very extensive scenarios that we can freely explore and the sense of humor so fine that always awaits us in this franchise become its main virtues. A very familiar game and suitable for a large number of users.

  • Incredible roster of controllable characters
  • Lots of content: secondary tasks, mini-games, secrets, special bricks …
  • The Spanish dubbing is sensational, as is the soundtrack
  • It hardly integrates significant news
  • Level and mission design isn’t always up to the task
  • Cooperative mode is, once again, local only


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