Including videos in your daily work, whether in a marketing strategy or as part of a business, is an excellent idea and has brought excellent returns for those who decide to bet on it.

However, many times, due to the lack of certain technical knowledge, people do not understand the proper way to store and manage these videos and then end up having unexpected problems, which can compromise – and a lot – their results with these materials.

The distribution of video content goes far beyond the player inserted in a beautiful page. For a video to play properly when someone presses play, several processes happen at the same time and care must be taken that each one of them develops in the right way.

The hosting of videos is an essential part for everything to happen properly when the content is being executed and it can be the differential between a successful strategy and a big failure.

Want to understand more about the importance of good hosting and also find out how to choose the best one for your videos? Just keep reading.

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What is video hosting and why is it so important?

A hosting service, be it a website, video or any other type of media, basically consists of providing a storage space , so that your content can stay 24 hours on the internet and be displayed whenever requested .

This storage is done on servers and a website or video can have dedicated (exclusive for your project) or shared (where several people host your products) servers.

Hence, you can already have an idea of ​​why you need good hosting for your videos, right? If this service is, to a large extent, going to guarantee the existence of your website on the internet and its correct display to other users, choosing a suitable hosting for your project is essential.

If you don’t have a good video hosting, you may end up having problems with the display of your content, being vulnerable to attacks and even being “down” due to server instability or other factors.

And in the case of videos, this can be even more complicated, since this type of content has its particularities – such as formats and file sizes. For a correct display, the hosting service must be prepared to deal with these factors and also have ways of circumventing other problems that may arise on the part of the user, such as a bad connection.

Today there are free video hosting services, such as YouTube and Vimeo, and professional services, such as those offered by Samba. Next, we will explain the differences between them and show when it is more worthwhile to choose each type.

When to use a free or paid video hosting?

If you want to start working with videos, you will need good hosting. But is a free service right for you? When can a paid platform be more beneficial?

Free video hosting

If you don’t want to spend money on a professional hosting service, you can choose to do it for free. On some sites you can upload several files and then just embed them wherever you want from a code.

Some options of free sites for hosting are:


Option most used by those who want free hosting, YouTube works as a kind of social video network. There you can upload your content and make it available to millions of people who access the platform every day.

On YouTube you can monetize your videos through the ad system – which you can learn more about here – you can broadcast live and by default you can upload content up to 20GB.


Vimeo is also a great option for those who want to host videos for free and has a slightly more advanced look than YouTube. Although it also works as a kind of social network, on the platform there is no ad serving and, therefore, this is not a monetization option.

Vimeo submissions must comply with a weekly quota that is limited to 500MB.

This type of hosting is excellent if you only want to show videos occasionally and don’t have to worry about factors like security and 100% playback stability.

However, this is not always the best option, especially if you want to produce exclusive content or intend to have a business with them – selling or charging for reproduction. In such cases, using a free platform will ruin your plans. This is because this type of service has a number of disadvantages such as:

  • Your content is completely unprotected and can be downloaded without your permission.
  • His videos are side by side with those of the competition, making it difficult to retain the audience on his channel.
  • Lack of control over basic display settings, such as customizing colors or displaying the website logo.
  • Content beyond your control. If the network suddenly decides that it will no longer accept your videos, or goes offline, as was Orkut, you can do nothing but accept – and deal with the loss.
  • Recurring instabilities, slowness and problems with content delivery can also happen and there is nothing you can do.

So, if you really want to work with videos and make them a business, free hosting is not the best for you.

Professional hosting

On the other hand, although a professional hosting has some cost, it will prevent you from having losses with your content and help you to be successful with your project . That’s because they usually cover all the gaps that a free platform doesn’t address – like the ones we listed above.

A professional video hosting, such as Samba Vídeos , is ideal for those who want to work with online courses , for media groups, companies that use videos in internal communication and more.

In practical terms, the main advantages over free platforms are:

  • Possibility of personalizing your own website and white label platform.
  • Full control over content and efficient support, with a team at your disposal.
  • Security layers, such as encryption and domain protection, that prevent illegal copying of content.
  • High quality of delivery for all devices and browsers, regardless of the quality of the connection.
  • Stability and its contents always in the air, regardless of the number of simultaneous accesses.

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Why shouldn’t I host my content on my own?

Because they are similar services, many people think that it is smarter and more appropriate, then, to store a website and its videos on its own and unique server. However, this is the worst decision you can make and we will explain why in 4 simple reasons.

  1. Server bandwidth: video files can be very large easily exceeding 500 MB. So, when dozens of people try to watch a particular video at the same time, your server will not be able to process all requests for that file quickly. This can lead to problems ranging from slowness to the crash of the system.
  2. Limits on size and storage: you may not even go through the situation we described above, since hosting providers usually limit the maximum file size to 50 MB or less. This will prohibit you from uploading videos that are more than a few minutes long and even if you manage to “upload” some media, you may eventually exceed the storage space provided by your hosting account and experience problems.
  3. Standard file format for Web Video: current HTML5 specification projects still do not agree on what video formats browsers should support. As a result, the main browsers have diverged, each supporting a different format. If you want to ensure that your video is played on all major web browsers, you will have to convert your video into several formats: mp4, .ogv and .webm. And yes, you will need to upload all versions taking up even more space.
  4. And the conversions don’t stop there: for those who have the benefit of a high speed internet connection, you will want to deliver a file with maximum quality so that they have an excellent experience, and that usually means a 1080p or 720p file at a high bit rate in streaming (5000-8000 kbps). However, whoever accesses the content, for example, through a 3G connection on the cell phone, you will need to deliver a smaller, low-resolution version to facilitate the loading and consumption of the content. This means more conversions and more versions of the file available.

With all this, you can end up having serious quality losses, putting your entire site at risk and also losing in traffic and views, due to loading problems.

After all that, you must have realized how important a good video hosting is, right?

So, think about your goals and the type of project you have, and choose this service accordingly. Most of the time, a professional platform is the best option, but it is worth paying attention to the particularities of both types.


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