Video games, everything you need to know about Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is a subscription service for € 4.99 that allows you to access a library of games on Apple devices. Each title is selected by a staff of curators and the interesting peculiarity is that there are no other purchases within the title or advertising, which makes it a particularly safe environment for children. To access the Apple Arcade games just click on the appropriate section located at the bottom of the App Store and sign up for a subscription. At the moment there are about 50 titles available, but Cupertino expects to exceed one hundred shortly after launch.

Unlike Stadia, Google’s cloud gaming platform that does not require installation, here the games are not usable in streaming, but only after having downloaded them, a bit like the Xbox Game Pass. It is therefore advisable to do it under Wi-Fi to avoid consuming the gigabytes of data available, since some titles can easily exceed 2 or 3 GB in size. Obviously, even if present on the device, when the subscription is terminated the games will no longer work.

Apple Arcade will arrive in 150 countries and on most iPhones on September 19, coinciding with the arrival of iOS 13, while the version for iPad and Apple TV will be available from September 30. On Macs, it will arrive in October, along with the Catalina update.

A single Apple Arcade account can be used by six people within the household, thanks to Family Share. Soon it will also be possible to use Bluetooth peripherals and PS4 and Xbox One gamepads to play some of the titles and which can be connected not only to Apple TV, but also on iOS devices.

At the moment, Apple Arcade is still a bit confusing service. By accessing the section in the App Store, the games of the moment are presented, divided in some cases by a common theme or genre, but it is not possible to search only in Arcade games, searches can only be done throughout the App Store. Therefore, in the results of a search we will also find non-Arcade titles, perhaps with a similar name, which could cause some confusion in the less experienced (even if next to each game it is indicated whether or not it belongs to the Arcade section ).

Without a doubt, as the catalog grows, the work of the Apple Arcade curators will become more intense and it is likely that the ability to find any titles will also go beyond any selections or the ability to scroll through the entire catalog. Otherwise to tend, perhaps in a year, you will run the risk of any Store: thousands of titles competing for your attention. However, the basic difference here is that the games, and consequently those who produce them, no longer need to insert monetization methods that inevitably affect ideas and mechanics. On the other hand, there will be many more games designed to please Apple. How this will change the sector today we cannot know.


Ok, but what do you play? The Apple Arcade offer includes at least half of the catalog consisting of new and exclusive titles. In addition to acquiring existing properties, Apple in some cases has entered into agreements with developers of the caliber of Sega, Konami, Cartoon Network, which will offer exclusive games even after the launch, and some independent developers, also bearing the development costs and becoming of made an industry publisher. It is not yet clear how Apple Arcade’s earnings will be divided between the various parties in the game.

All the games included in Apple Arcade are preceded by a small service logo that certifies their belonging to this particular category, a bit like the Netflix logo before a TV series.

The catalog at the moment already offers a fair variety of experiences ranging from the very simple title to play at the bus stop to deep experiences that are best played while seated. Games with an extremely minimalist and refined design are flanked by adventures designed for the little ones and, beyond personal tastes, the offer seems on average of a good level.

Here are some titles that we would like to recommend to you first, because even if you can play everything for almost five euros, time remains a coin that we cannot keep in our pockets. Warning: not all of these titles are exclusive to Apple Arcade.


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