Veterinary clinics and pet shops: what graphic materials to offer

Veterinary clinics and Pet shops, are branches of business that need strong disclosure, after all, the market has great competition.

In addition, veterinarians often need to be called urgently, which increases the need for an accessible, pleasant and easy to understand graphic product.

Discover how to offer the best graphic material for veterinary clinics and pet shops!

How to create the visual identity of veterinary clinics?

Veterinary clinics and pet shops work not only with the technical aspect, that is, the treatment and prevention of diseases in animals, but also with an emotional aspect, which involves the relationship between people and their pets.

Therefore, it is very important to use colors that convey calmness and security in the identity materials, from the logo to the stationery items . Shades of green and blue are some of the options. Avoid using warm colors, such as red and orange (they transmit a lot of energy and aggression) or gray scales (they can leave a feeling of little life in the clinic).

In the graphic material, consider working with elements that break the excess of formality and make the material more pleasant. Here, the use of illustrations of animals as pets and the application of textures related to the theme are excellent to create rapprochement, especially with children.

What graphic materials should I use?

Business card and loyalty cards

We started with the most popular of stationery items: the business card. This is an indispensable item for creating a customer base. Make sure that the card contains only essential contact information, such as address, phone number, including an emergency number, and email.

Another widely used material is loyalty cards. Generally related to bathing and grooming services, these types of materials contribute to customer loyalty.

Folders, letterhead and envelope

Intended for the clinic’s external communication with suppliers or even with clients in some specific cases, these three items can be of great help in strengthening your brand, especially in the case of letterhead and envelope.

Business portfolios also have a very large distribution when it comes to delivering exams. And there is an excellent material for you to offer to the clinics.

After all, having personalized correspondence material indicates care and professionalism, unlike the use of generic stationery. For these prints, it is interesting to invest in a design using textures, always in a subtle way and with low opacity.

Clinical documentation

Every veterinary clinic has an internal routine that demands the use of the most varied printed documentation, such as:

  • vaccination cards;
  • prescriptions;
  • clinical records;
  • admission forms;
  • exam requests;
  • payment control forms;

Customizing these materials improves the brand presence and brings security to the customer. In addition, it also facilitates its storage and organization, if there is a unique and easily identifiable layout for each type of documentation.

Magnets, flyers and folders

Taking care of external disclosure is also important, so small printouts, such as flyers, folders, in addition to the traditional fridge magnets, do their job very well.

Because they are more informal materials, intended for daily contact with potential customers, creativity can be worked on. The application of mascots and the use of illustrations, for example, is widely recommended.

In this post, we saw some tips on how to define the visual identity and choose the best graphic material for veterinary clinic, taking into account the applications and the need to use each one. With this information, it will be even easier to create amazing stationery items for your customers!

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