Very Very Valet analysis

In this fun and accessible party game exclusive to Switch, we become a troop of valets who have to do their job in the fastest and most crazy way possible.

 version analysis .

Very Very Valet is a crazy car parking party game that has just been released on Nintendo Switch (with texts in Spanish) giving the hybrid one more proof of how well its peculiar format works when it welcomes cooperative or competitive proposals in local multiplayer. Toyful Games , the studio in charge of this title, also knows how to work on video games accessible to all audiences: Tim FitzRandolph and Chad Cable , its founders, have extensive experience in the industry that converges on the design of Where’s My Water? , as well as other games for Disney and Universal .

With these ingredients in the recipe, it was to be expected that Very Very Valet , the first Toyful Games game, would end up being a well-riveted experience that achieves just what it wants to achieve . We put ourselves at the controls of a valet parking crew whose mission is to drive customers’ vehicles to their parking lot and bring them back when they require it. It is a premise that is executed in the craziest way imaginable , not only because of its crazy physics, but also because of a level design that knows how to promote hilarious situations.

Valets of the world unite

We have two ways to play Very Very Valet , one solo and one in two to four player co – op . In both modes, both objectives and scenarios are shared, which makes it easy for anyone to enter or leave the game at any time without having to change the game mode. Each person will be able to choose between the four available characters , also choosing a color for each of these puppets in which a little more variety or customization is missing.


We face more than 20 levels that are unlocked as we progress and we get stars: each phase has a maximum score of three stars that we will collect to unlock the final screen of each world, in which we are required to have a minimum of stars to move on to the next. In this way, replayability is also enhanced, because it is likely that we will have to revisit phases that we have already passed in order to do better and get the maximum score.

We receive the car, park it and after a while we will have to deliver it. Always avoiding that the time of each of these phases runs out.

To get points we simply have to pick up cars, park them and return them when requested . Simple, right? Well not so much. In each level there are a series of obstacles that can go from simple steep ramps or sharp turns to a plane that takes off from time to time destroying all the cars that we have parked on the runway. Fortunately, the cars do not take damage , but they do have a time bar in each of the phases, both when it comes to picking them up and when we are going to deliver them, and it is this factor that must be taken into account mainly to get points.

Items of Very Very Valet are a mess , but a fun chaos; here we are not going to get angry with our teammate while we play, as in Overcooked! , probably because some laugh escapes us with the absurd jump that has just given with a car about to reach its time limit. Very Very Valet’s physics give a lot of play to experimentation and absurd situations , and its level design works accordingly, offering crazy scenarios in which to unleash our imagination.

However, at all times we have the feeling that it could have gone a little further . The scenarios are original, but somewhat repetitive when we have been playing for a long time. When changing from one level to another, we do not feel as much stimulation as we might expect, and although the design is not the same as the previous one, the feeling we have while playing is similar. There are hardly any modifiers of mechanics, starting or the rules of the game ; an addition that would put a fresh spin on a simple party game like this one.

He played solo to Very Very Valet is possible, of course, but, as usually happens in these games, its formula is much more enjoyable in the company. Playing alone we can have more control over the parking tactics that we are going to use and the objectives are more affordable , which makes everything easier and, therefore, boring. Of course, perhaps when playing alone there is more room to experiment with physics, risky jumps and crazy drifts, so it is not a mode to be automatically ruled out.

The scenarios are designed to favor the madness in each game.

Simple mechanics for a very accessible game

As soon as we start the game, we are taught the simple mechanics that we will use from now on; As we said, Very Very Valet is an extremely accessible game that anyone could understand in a matter of seconds, even if they are not used to playing video games. There are few actions to do, just enough and necessary, and the vehicle control is perfectly designed so that just by moving the lever in the desired direction the vehicle begins to move.

Although the car is simple to operate, those with more skill at the controls will be able to take advantage of the available skid and jump mechanics . They are not strictly necessary to achieve the objectives in the stipulated time, but controlling the parable of a skid or leaving the car in full jump to follow the trajectory and reach the goal can make the difference between the two and three stars of each level .

There are levels that do not consist of parking, but of picking up the garbage, throwing bowling … But all this always at the wheel of a car.

Even so, we put the focus again on how well adapted the controls are to anyone, a feature that Nintendo Switch takes special advantage of, or at least the standard model: playing with an extracted JoyCon, in a horizontal position, is a Delightful and you hardly notice that you are using “half knob”. It is one of those titles in which a specific desire on the part of the studio is appreciated so that the gaming experience is comfortable and fluid with this option, not like in others that feel a simple remapping of the controls that even lacks options yes present in other control configurations. Very good work in this regard , without a doubt, something that gives it a point to be one of the indispensable on the list ofparty games to play when friends come home.

Unglamorous graphics, but solvent

In the graphic section, Very Very Valet maintains a casual aesthetic that perfectly accompanies its gaming philosophy . The design of the characters is based on the puppets on TV, although their low level of detail does not finish giving it that adorable touch that perhaps they should have: the texture of the fur hardly resembles that of a stuffed animal, giving a feeling of pasty. The customers are humans, not puppets, and yet their design doesn’t improve, although here it is easier to forgive since our actual interaction with them is minimal.

At the moment there are only four characters to choose from, each with different colors available. Those who purchase the game in physical format will receive a fifth bonus character.

What is really important here are the cars and the scenarios, fields in which the game responds well visually: the vehicles have a cartoon touch that does not try to imitate any specific brand, but is divided into ranges (sports, robust, vans …) giving each of them a different type of speed to add an extra arbitrariness to the pace of play and tension to the game. On the other hand, the scenarios have a nice and very legible finish , something that their configuration in dioramas helps.


Very Very Valet is one of those party games that should not be missing on any Nintendo Switch because it scrupulously complies with the qualities that a title of the genre must have: it is an extremely accessible game, so that anyone can enter its proposal nothing more take command, and with a hilarious physics system that encourages crazy situations without creating frustration in the group. Of course, even being a good couch co-op , the simplicity of the proposal reveals a short-haul wick.

At the end of each level, players vote for the best featured sequence of the game.

While the levels make the most of its cute set of mechanics, it didn’t take long before we were missing a bit more variety to keep the excitement going from phase to phase. On a graphic level, it is a more than solvent game, although with certain rough edges such as the design of the human clients or the pasty fur of the protagonist puppets, and in this last aspect we would also expect more variety, since there are only four valet parking to choose from. Still, we insist that it is a highly recommended local cooperative .


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