Versus PC Review;Versus PC powered by Nox

Versus PC and Nox have teamed up to offer users the definitive PC, or rather PCs because we can find three interesting variants. These are high-performance gaming-oriented computers that have exclusive design Nox boxes that can only be found in these Versus PCs. You want to know more? Here we tell you all the details.

The Versus PC and Nox team have worked together to deliver the best Versus PCs to date; You will be able to find the configuration that best suits you and your needs, you will be able to make your friends envy with a high-end gaming PC and you will be able to fully enjoy all the latest Triple A titles and eSports with the best possible gaming experience. . Let’s see them because, as we mentioned, we have three different models to choose from.

Discover the new Versus PC powered by Nox

These Versus PC powered by Nox mean that the well-known online store has partnered with the manufacturer Nox to create spectacular Versus PCs with exclusive boxes designed for it and that cannot be found elsewhere, which means that you will not be able to buy these boxes individually, only with these PCs.

As we have mentioned before, these PCs come with three different exclusive cases, but the hardware configurations of the equipment can be customized in your own way. Let’s look at these boxes first.

Nox Hummer Blaster Glow

This box has a striking front with a design that reveals the configurable ARGB lighting effects that it has. Thanks to its side with tempered glass, you can see your precious hardware shine. The case has a section for the power supply and storage units (and to hide the wiring), as well as space for a liquid cooling system with a radiator of up to 360 mm.

Nox Hummer Blaster Air

The «Air» thing should already give you a clue of where the shots are going with this box, and that is that it is designed to provide the best cooling and thus keep the high-end hardware inside always at a good temperature but keeping a low level. noise. In addition, with its mesh finish you can also enjoy the RGB lighting of the three front fans that it comes with as standard, and like the previous one, it has a tempered glass side to show off the internal hardware.

Nox Hummer Blaster Onyx

This box is designed for the most minimalist and elegant hardware configurations that avoid the colorful RGB already common today. It is a box that stands out for its internal cable management, and that it does not have a colorful front panel does not mean that it dispenses with the tempered glass side that will allow you to show off the internal hardware.

How to get one of these exclusive Versus PC powered by Nox

How could it be otherwise, these fully customizable teams are available in the Versus Gamers online store , where you can directly find some suggested configurations with each of the exclusive Nox boxes that we have seen in the previous section, but you will also have different models whose hardware you can customize to your liking and to adapt it to your budget.

In addition to this, you will like to know that you can equip the Versus PCs with the latest NVIDIA graphics cards , such as the ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3080 Gaming OC that we have selected in the sample configuration of the image above, although others are also available. models such as RTX 3070 or RTX 3060 Ti, as well as other lower models such as GTX 1660 SUPER or GTX 1650.


Financing tailored to your needs and without interest

Another positive aspect is the possibility of financing your purchase with Cetelem with very advantageous conditions until May 5.

As an example, imagine that you want to buy a computer that costs you 1,200 euros; With this promotion you can pay 100 euros per month for 12 months without interest, opening costs or commissions, the total cost of the credit for you will be literally zero euros. It is certainly a great opportunity that, if you wanted to buy a quality gaming PC, with great performance, at a good price and with the latest NVIDIA gaming GPUs, you should not miss.


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