Is the vegan diet good for losing weight?

The vegan diet is one that involves restrictions of any food of animal origin, including the dairy , eggs and honey . People who follow this type of diet do so out of ethical convictions, as a model of life, but some people consider it a healthy method of losing weight . So is the vegan diet good for losing weight? Juan José López, from the Nutrition area of ​​the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition , insists that although it is a healthy diet at the cardiovascular level that helps prevent diseases such as heart disease , high blood pressure ,Type 2 diabetes and obesity is not intended for weight loss.

“It is true that eating a diet of this type can achieve weight loss as it is very rich in fiber and with low caloric intake in the volumes that we are used to,” explains López. However, this specialist warns that restricting the caloric content of a diet runs the risk of increasing the nutritional deficits associated with it.

Does being vegan mean having a lack of nutrients?

Whether for moral convictions or to lose weight, López emphasizes that well-planned vegan and vegetarian diets are safe and can provide the right amount of nutrients for all stages of life, including children , pregnant women and athletes. “The only exception is vitamin B12, which is of animal origin, and in almost all cases it is necessary to take vitamin B12 supplements to maintain normal levels,” he added.

In this sense, this member of SEEN recalls that the risk of poorly designed diets that lead to significant nutritional deficiencies of protein, vitamin B12, calcium , vitamin D , iodine, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids . “Therefore, adequate dietary advice is necessary to meet all requirements, especially in some rapidly growing stages of life or in some physiological situations such as pregnancy and lactation , cases in which it is advisable to take omega 3 supplements. Another example would be vegan women of childbearing age who should consume a supplement of 150 micrograms a day of iodine, “he explains.

Vegan foods that do not help lose weight

In general, most of the products included in a vegan diet contribute to satiate the appetite with a low calorie content and a high fiber content, common goals in any weight loss plan. If we want to achieve weight loss by following a vegan lifestyle, it would be advisable to design a diet that ensures the minimum supply of carbohydrates, proteins and necessary fats ”, he points out.

On the other hand, this expert suggests eating in moderation certain foods richer in fats such as avocado, oil and nuts, which, although they are healthy fats, ultimately provide more calories.

Does being vegan on time have a rebound effect?

“The rebound effect existing after a vegan weight loss diet is the same as after any type of diet and is due to the restart of the habits that led us to gain weight in the past,” he says. For its prevention, the most appropriate thing is to introduce the suppressed foods in a balanced way and with common sense.

“Although to obtain efficient weight loss, the ideal would be to start a balanced weight loss diet as similar as possible to what we are going to maintain in the future, whether vegan or not,” he insists. In your experience, weight loss plans in a short period of time have the most rebound effect.

Healthy vegan menu:

For a person weighing 60 to 70 kilos, López proposes this menu designed with vegan foods:


  • A glass of soyor almond milk .
  • A handful of breakfast cereals with no added sugar.
  • A serving of fruit, which is a whole piece instead of juice.


  • A kiwi.
  • 20 grams of natural almonds.


  • A plate of chick peas with spinach cooked with garlic, olive oil and paprika.
  • 30 grams of bread with seeds (sesame or chia).
  • A soy yogurt.


  • A soy yogurt.
  • 3 walnuts


  • Sautéed rice with mushrooms, onion, red and green pepper.
  • 30 grams of bread with seeds.
  • A medium peach.


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