10 Values Education Examples You Must Know

Human values ​​are those positive aspects that allow us to live with other people in a fair way in order to achieve global benefit as a society.Human values ​​are the aspects of our education that can be considered good and honest both for ourselves and for those around us. For example, we talk about aspects such as empathy, respect, solidarity or optimism

Values Education Examples

Education in values ​​is a form of learning related to morals , ethics , empathy and respect for others. A value is a quality or set of qualities for which a person is valued. This type of education consists of educating boys and girls so that they learn to give value to some behaviors and behaviors.

Core values

Some of the fundamental values ​​for the proper development of boys and girls are:

  •     The tolerance.
  •     Equality.
  •     Respect for diversity.
  •     Empathy.
  •     Friendship.
  •     Patience.
  •     Comprehension.
  •     The Solidarity.
  •     The cooperation.
  •     The preservation of the environment and the love of nature.
  •     Detection of special needs.

Objectives of education in values

Values ​​education is an approach that seeks to enhance and strengthen a culture and a way of being and behaving based on respect for others, inclusion and democratic and supportive ideas.

  1. Promote equal opportunities regardless of sex, ethnicity, social class, origin, culture, religion, etc.
  2. Teach guidelines for respect for the environment by communities and people.
  3. Enhance the enjoyment of natural environments.
  4. Highlight the importance of sustainable development in the cultural, social and economic spheres of human life.
  5. Reject forms and attitudes of discrimination.
  6. Invite philosophical debate about moral dilemmas.
  7. Point out behaviors that are harmful to the whole without stigmatizing individuals.
  8. Propose joint practical exercises in which decisions must be made in real time.
  9. Promote forms of leadership not based on the ostentation of power.
  10. Emphasize the principle that people can change.
  11. Lead by example.

The main value of education in values ​​lies in its ability to act as an instrument that helps create a better society , composed of critical and responsible citizens . The human values ​​of each person are those that guide us throughout all our actions and decisions, and even in our list of vital priorities, and, collectively, help us move forward as a society.

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