Valuation of the cultural and historical heritage of companies

The organizational characteristics of a multinational company are diverse , but cultural heritage is something that is usually considered. For this reason, today we will teach you what is the valuation of the cultural and historical heritage of a company .

What is cultural and historical heritage

Historical cultural heritage is not something typical of companies, in fact, or it responds to a sociocultural phenomenon (as its name indicates). First of all, you need to understand the meaning of the word “heritage”. By heritage we mean the set of assets belonging to an entity , which can be a person, a nation or even an institution, as is the case with companies.

In the case of companies, heritage is something difficult to define, in any case, it can refer to many aspects . In the first place, to tradition, for example, companies of the caliber of Coca-Cola or Apple carry with them an extended tradition and history. Indeed, it is something notorious mainly in transnational companies .

The history of these reputable brands has to some extent created a kind of sense of belonging. In turn, the issue of the cultural and historical heritage of a company can also be related to infrastructures or ways of working.

For example, an emblematic building of a company could be considered heritage. In the same way, the way of working with the so-called “slogans” can also be considered company heritage.

Valuation of the cultural and historical heritage of companies

As for the valuation of heritage and its relevance, there are many debates. In any case, certain principles give the certainty that the cultural heritage of a company usually carries a certain weight. Given this, let’s analyze the following aspects in which the historical heritage of a company directly intervenes .

Sense of belonging

Possibly the most relevant aspect and for many the only one that comes to the fore in relation to cultural heritage, is the sense of belonging . Just as a person perceives that patriotic sense with his nation, something similar can happen with the company.

Maintaining traditions and promoting the existence of the cultural heritage of companies often creates a deep-rooted sense of belonging. Returning to the examples of the largest companies in the FMCG sector , such as Coca-Cola, the sense of belonging is very easy to notice. In other words, if the company has a certain reputation, many times the sense of belonging arises and goes hand in hand with the cultural heritage .

Build the foundation for expansion

This point is entirely on the scene of debate, but giving value to cultural heritage has proven to be efficient for many companies. In this section, work modalities and slogans arise, which provide a certain “personality” to the company , which for many defines the social goals and objectives of a company .

For example, the McDonald’s company for many years has been characterized by its toys or amusement parks for children. In fact, practically all of you own a park, being part of the identity of the company .

With the previous example, all this is part of the history of the company, but this idea that proved to be functional has gradually become part of the cultural heritage of said company. This also happens with expanding companies, because when the “company personality” is established, pride is born and the sense of belonging is enhanced , something that often helps the growth and expansion of the company.

The other side of the coin

In short, the value of the cultural and historical heritage of a company is just that, the value that is given to history and everything that the existence of the company entails. Some people believe that valuing what was once lays the foundation for maintaining the essence of a company.

On the other hand, others believe that cultural heritage has no foundation. Regardless of your vision, the truth is that it is an interesting topic on a business level.

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