Valorant: Tier List of weapons. The best weapons to win

We continue to reel off the possibilities of Valorant with a Tier List of weapons guide that will serve novices – and not so much – to be more clear about which weapon you should aim for in your next games. There will not always be enough money to get the one you want, so you should know what the best second and third options are.

Below we detail the reasons that have led us to place each weapon in its corresponding position. They are arranged alphabetically, so consider personal tastes when choosing your favorite option.

Tier S

  • Operator:for damage (255 to the head and 150 to the torso) it would be the most recommended option, but this is a sniper rifle that requires a special mastery and offers a very limited vision, so in close encounters it requires another option something more agile.
  • Phantom:without a doubt one of the most recommended automatic rifles. Good rate of fire that will help us dominate in short and medium distances with a damage of 156 to the head and 39 to the torso.
  • Specter:another great alternative for those who prefer head-to-head confrontations and who, despite having lower damage (78 to the head and 26 to the torso), can be very solvent thanks to how easy it is to control.
  • Vandal:here is our preferred option. Vandal is not the best in short distances, but it is solvent, and ideal in medium and long distances. His damage of 156 to the head and 39 to the torso invites you to play strategically and looking to clean corners.


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Tier A

  • Ares:without being a big fan of heavy weapons, this is one of the most recommended options in second-line support work. Its large 50-round magazine and high penetration ensure corners are under control.
  • Marshall:Its 202 damage to the head and 101 to the torso make it the second best option for snipers working from the second or third line. Being semi-automatic, it also ensures that beginners with these types of weapons can train more safely.
  • Sheriff:The ideal choice as a second weapon whenever you are using a primary weapon with little chance at close range. 160 damage to the head and 55 to the body ensure you can clean a small area by leaving bullets in its 6-hole magazine.

Tier B

  • Guardian:We’re starting to get into swampy ground with this reimagining of the classic FAL and its semi-atomic shot. It could be an option to take into account in the first rounds of not being so expensive (2,700), but its 195 damage to the head invites us not to forget about it.
  • Odin:Doubles the ammo capacity of the Ares, but it also does the same for its price, and frankly, if you’re in a situation where you need 100 rounds to finish someone off, your hours are likely to be tight.
  • Stinger:its cost of 1,000 makes it a very good option for fans of submachine guns. In any case, its 67 damage to the head and a not especially easy control cry out for a change as soon as possible to another option.


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Tier C

  • Bucky:maybe because of the way I play, maybe because of the situations I have encountered in the games, shotguns seem to me to be one of the poorest weapons in the game and an option that is only recommended in certain situations. His 44 damage to the head at less than eight meters and low penetration are not the panacea either.
  • Bulldog:With good damage to the head, 116, but little response to the body, 35 in bursts of three with a recoil that can leave you sold, the Bulldog is one of those weapons that I would only resort to if you master it perfectly or you like his shooting style.
  • Ghost:without a doubt the most solvent pistol in the game and an option to consider when discarding the basic one. 105 headshot damage with semiautomatic shots can save your skin in the first few rounds or on a reload of your main. Plus it only costs 500.
  • Judge:we return to the dilemma of the shotguns, this time with a little more penetration but a price of 1,500 and seven rounds per magazine that can send you to the canvas if you do not hit three headshots in a row with their 34 points of damage.


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Tier D

  • Knife:its only great asset is that it guarantees more credits per death, but you are going to need a miracle – or a rookie just out of CoD – to get the most out of it.
  • Classic:the starting gun is for something, and it is to invite you to spend your credits as soon as possible to get something better. You can kill with it, sure, but you should aim for another option ASAP.
  • Frenzy:very much along the lines of the above, also with 78 damage to the head, but the same spirit. Controlling it remotely is also a toothache that you don’t want to face.
  • Shorty:shotgun and starting pistol, all the bad things about Valorant in one place. To top it off, a magazine of just two rounds. I think there are better options, even as a second weapon.


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