Valorant: how to master the Vandal, Valorant’s best automatic weapon

If you want to win at Valorant you have to learn to use the Vandal . The best automatic in the game from Riot Games is a great ally once you have mastered its recoil and its ” spray pattern “, to help you, here is a Valorant guide to learn to master the Vandal .

Vandal rifle statistics

Below you have the stats of the Vandal . As you will see, it is one of the most lethal weapons in the game, second only to sniper rifles and weapons with a lower cadence such as the Guardian semi-automatic rifle (195 at the head) or the Sheriff revolver (160 at the head).

  • Type:rifle
  • Subtype:automatic
  • Cost:2,900
  • Magazine capacity:25
  • Rate of Fire:25 / 8.32
  • Penetration:medium
  • Body Damage:39
  • Damage to legs:33
  • Head damage:156


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How to play the Vandal in Valorant

Playing with the Vandal , as in almost any other automatic weapon and in any other competitive shooting game, the key to keep filling your pockets with kills is in the aim and pattern of fire .

The former is relatively easier than the latter. It consists of learning the maps by heart, knowing where the enemies could come from around each corner and placing the scope right where you think the head could be.

To learn to master the Vandal pattern the key, once again, is also in practice. Here the shooting gallery of the tutorial can be helpful to take the pulse, but if you’ve mastered the aim is not something to worry too much.


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If the first shots go to the head, you are on the right track. The recoil of Valorant’s weapons is controlled by moving the mouse down slightly after firing. If you can master that first pattern, you will be halfway done.

This will serve you well for a short first burst of shots, but if you want to dominate the Vandal even more, the movement you should do is: down, left, right and left again. Those of you who come from CSGO will know the pattern by heart because it is almost identical to the AK47 .

Videos to learn how to use the Vandal in Valorant

Here is a series of videos in which you can see all of the above put into practice. They are sure to be of great help to you to learn to master the Vandal in Valorant and start reaping deaths.


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