Valorant guide: how to play as JETT

We tell you how and when it is better to use the unique and ultimate abilities of the JETT agent

Jett in Valorant is a duel agent who can easily take out enemies alone. This operative has no revolutionary skills, they are only designed to slightly facilitate the task of eliminating opponents. In this guide, we will tell you in what situations it is best to use the agent’s unique and ultimate skills.

Whirlwind skill

This skill is a regular cloud of smoke that quickly appears in front of its owner, but also quickly disappears. The fact is that “Whirlwind” is one of the few skills in the game that repeats the analogue of smoke, but for a very short time. The duration of such a cloud is only four seconds. Jett is able to use three of these clouds in one round, and charges can be purchased during the shopping phase in the in-game store.



  • Since the duration of the “Whirlwind” is very limited, after using it you need to act immediately. You can quietly move from one place to another with the help of this cloud and the Tailwind skill, which we’ll talk about below.
  • Before using Whirlwind, you need to aim properly. The fact is that after pressing the skill activation key, Jett immediately throws a whirlwind in front of him. You can use the skill in close proximity, or raise the scope and throw it far away.

Climb skill

When the skill is activated, Jett instantly soars several meters above the ground. You can use two charges in one round. The charges are purchased in the store during the shopping phase.



  • With this skill, the agent can climb hard-to-reach objects, boxes, fences, and so on. Thus, you have a chance to greatly surprise your opponent when you meet.
  • When you use this skill, during the flight, almost all of your bullets will be fired into milk. This is due to the Valorant’s shooting mechanics. But we can advise a solution. With your regular Classic pistol, you can take out enemies in the air without too much trouble. Just use three-round cutoffs instead of simple semi-automatic shots.
  • After using the skill, when Jett starts to fall to the ground, you can slow down her fall a little. To do this, press the jump key several times. Be careful, because with this the agent will not be able to shoot accurately and will become easy prey for players on the ground.
  • With this skill, you can jump from tall objects without fear of taking damage.

Tailwind Skill

A class skill that does not recover over time. Each new round you will have one charge available, which can be used per round. After activating the skill, Jett flies off a short distance. You can direct the agent by first pressing the direction key ( W , A , S , D ). If during the activation of the skill you do not set the direction to the operator, he will fly forward.



  • The downside to this skill is that it can only be used once per round. Therefore, do not waste your charge.
  • The skill allows its owner to get out of unpleasant situations. For example, you are surrounded by enemies from several sides. Use Tailwind to quickly move from one cover to another and hide from opponents.
  • This skill is perfect for medium range gunfights. If you see that you are losing the shooting, quickly move to any place and keep shooting. Most likely, the enemy will not have time to recover and will be defeated.

Blade Storm Skill

Agent Jett’s ultimate skill, which can be used after collecting six orbs, or killing six enemies. The operative equips several daggers that kill with one hit to the head (attack with one dagger) and to any part of the body (attack with all daggers). After killing an enemy with this skill, the daggers are restored.

Blade storm


  • You can use this ultimate an unlimited number of times while you kill enemies. After each kill, the daggers are reset and you can attack with them again.
  • If the ultimate is charged, then you can try to save credits this round. Just use it instead of your main weapon. But remember, if you do not kill the enemy, and the daggers run out, then you will be left with a regular pistol.
  • Jett has two shooting modes – one at a time and with all daggers. While firing one dagger at the body, you are unlikely to get rid of the enemy. This is why you can release the daggers one by one with virtually no delay.
  • Unlike firearms, this skill is not penalized for movement and flight in the air. Even if you used the “Climb” skill, then when shooting in the air, the daggers will fly exactly where you directed them.


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