ALL the Valkyries of God of War PS4: Location and how to beat them

On this page we show you everything about the 8 Valkyries in God of War . Valkyries are a special type of optional enemy that we can face once we have obtained the Magic Chisel as part of the story or we can go to Muspelheim and Niflheim.

They are the strongest enemies in the game , so don’t go after them before you have enough level to survive the match.


All Valkyries and their location

None of the Valkyries are out there, circling the world. There are six in the Hidden Chambers of Odin and two in the optional realms , Muspelheim and Niflheim. We show you its location.


  • Valkyrie Kara: You will find her when exploring the Chamber of the witch’s cave .
  • Valkyrie Geirdriful: Found at the end of the Hillside Chamber .
  • Valkyrie Gunnr: In the area where you get the chisel in the Thamur Corpse Chamber .
  • Valkyrie Eir: It is in the Chamber of the mountain .


  • Valkyrie Olrun: Found in the only Chamber of Alfheim .


  • Broken Valkyrie: At the end of Helheim’s only Chamber .


  • Valkyrie Gondul: He is the final boss of the tests of Muspelheim .


  • Valkyrie Hildr: You will find her as a final boss in the Niflheim

How to defeat the Valkyries

First of all, each Valkyrie attacks differently , so if you want to know exactly how to defeat each one, we recommend that you check the information that we have dedicated to them individually in the links on these lines.

However, there are a number of common characteristics that you can take into account before dealing with them.

  • In combat against these special enemies, it is especially useful to fix your target with R3since this way you will not lose sight of them when they make all kinds of fast movements and move through the air


  • Although not mandatory, always be equipped with a resurrection stone in case a Valkyrie gives you trouble.
  • If they jump into the air and you see an attack of red aura, do not think that by moving away you are safe. They are usually attacks that cover enough distance and area that cannot be blocked. Instead shoot arrows with Atreus and you will cancel his attack.
  • In general: if they are in the air do not lose detail, because that is when they make the worst attacks.
  • Their charge attacks, in which they ram, usually go in chain. Prepare to dodge between two and three repeated attacks.
  • Pay attention to your item. Some Valkyries use ice, which always means they can blind you with a strong attack.
  • Ground combos are longer than they appear. And besides, they have a bad habit of ending in attacks like short distance punch / stab with a wing, unstoppable.
  • The last attack of most combos leaves the Valkyrie sold, it is easy to dodge as it is slower and allows you to get behind him.
  • Blinding Valkyries can be interruptedby runic attacks, or by getting as far away from the attack as possible. Note that the flash of melee attacks usually goes in combos of two.
  • They always pull away after taking a couple of punches, so don’t prime. Get the maximum number of hits you can give that valkyrie and retreat before engaging a counterattack.

What to do after defeating the Valkyries?

Now that you have defeated the eight Valkyries, you must go to the High Council chamber (*) . To get to this place, you must go to Midgard and head to the Canal del Cantero . Just before passing under the statues, you have a beach on the left and another on the right, landing on the one on the left .

To the left , on the beach, is the Death Eater Troll, which will drop the Nemea Onslaught Light Runic Attack . Now climb the wall. From here you can only go forward and keep going up one direction until you reach the High Council.

How to place the 8 helmets?

Before you can place the helms, you must defeat a sufficient number of Valkyries until Mimir tells you that he already knows something about where the Valkyries were gathering and that perhaps you should go take a look. If you have found this place on your own before, you will not be able to place the Valkyrie helms until you get this line of dialogue

Just get close to the thrones and interact with them. Kratos will automatically place the helmet corresponding to each of the seats. Doing so will complete the Valkyrie Favor and a Tear will appear in the center of the room .

Defeat the Valkyrie Queen

When interacting with the Tear, the Favor: A god against a queen will be activated and you will have to fight against Sigrun the very queen of the Valkyries.

The queen uses all attacks of the Valkyries . Everyone, including blinding, ice and fire attacks, so you’ll have to draw on what you’ve learned by fighting all the others to defeat her. The main difference is that it easily has three times the life of a Valkyrie, so it will be a long combat.

When you defeat her, collect her helmet as with the others, as well as any objects she drops. In addition, you will get the Judgment of the Fallen trophy .


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