Valkyria Chronicles 4 guide, tips and tricks

Welcome to the guide to Valkyria Chronicles 4 , Sega’s new strategy and role-playing adventure that brings back the spirit of the original trilogy.

As in past games, it is a war story centered on a small battalion of characters. They are few, somewhat inexperienced, and have a key mission that could set the course for this fictional war in a dystopian Europe of 1935.

The development is quite cyclical: throughout a diary divided into chapters, we discover memories of Claude Wallace, the group’s commander. Many scenes are simple dialogues or cinematics, but each episode has at least one battle. Don’t forget to prepare your characters for any unforeseen event.

General advice

  • Playing well rewards you with more experience at the end of the mission. And what is playing well? Some of the aspects that the game values ​​at the end of each mission are the number of turns used (better the fewer), the repairs the tank needs or the number of defeated enemy vehicles. Meditate on each movement to avoid a waste of turns.
  • Don’t forget to rescue your fallen characters in combat (just bring a character closer to their position). Non-main characters die permanently if they go three turns without receiving medical care, and although new units will constantly enter with each chapter, you will lose their characteristics that make them unique.
  • Having trouble moving forward in the story? Remember that skirmishes can be played as many times as you like and provide extra experience. If you need resources or level up your units, practice on these optional missions. Of course, the same rules apply as in the campaign, and the characters can die.
  • Upgrade your weapons and tank regularly. Return to camp to develop new weapons and protections for your units. You can improve your aim, take more shots or take more damage. Every bullet counts!
  • Missions can change depending on the situation. Get ready when you first play a new mission, you never know the surprises the enemy can bring. Tanks may appear, or you may have to start a retreat. Be flexible.
  • Always have at least one different class on stage. Unless you know the mission very well and know what to do, having different soldiers prepares you for every danger. The only dispensable class is that of engineers, who are used for very specific cases. The whole game works a bit rock-paper-scissor-style, and there are classes that easily beat others. You won’t get very far if you only use explorers.
  • Don’t forget the orders. Commanders can issue orders that improve aspects of one or all of the group, and when properly used, change the course of the battle. You can learn them – against payment – in the canteen of your camp.
  • Review the advantages and disadvantages of each unit. Just because two stormtroopers have similar values ​​in vitality does not mean that they are identical, perhaps the personality of one of them works best with close friends, depending on the environment, etc.
  • Remember:the combat system is not completely turn-based. If you get close to an enemy, he will shoot you –even if it is not his turn. Also after firing there is usually a response, so place your units behind barriers so that they automatically duck.
  • It is easy to forget that each unit carries a healing item. Although with the change of shift you recover some health, if you see yourself in danger it is convenient that you use it. He is always better than a wounded or dead soldier.
  • Headquarters: These are all the functions that you can perform at the headquarters of the game.
  • Editions: These are all the editions you can buy of this Japanese RPG from Sega.
  • Classes: These are all the character classes in the game. We tell you what are its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Tanks: All information about these types of vehicles from Valkyria Chronicles 4 and how to use them in combat.
  • Downloadable content: All about additional content that you can install and download from the internet in the Sega game.
  • BLiTZ system: It is the combat system that the saga has used since its inception. Is that how it works.


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