Vaginal sagging: You probably suffer without knowing it

Understand what vaginal flaccidity is and why it significantly disrupts the quality of your sexual relationships.

Tell me what happens when you don’t exercise a muscle? Of course, if you never exercise a muscle, the tendency is for that muscle to become flabby.

With your intimate region the same thing happens, as it is composed of muscular structures, if you have never exercised these muscles, the tendency is that this musculature is weakened and flabby. Its intimate region is composed of a muscular structure called the pelvic floor.

This structure tends to begin to undergo changes after 20 years of age. That is, on average, from the age of 20, women who have never exercised vaginal muscles tend to suffer from vaginal flaccidity . Now imagine this situation after 30, 40, 50 years …

5 Evidence That You Are Suffering From Vaginal Flaccidity

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This musculature, in addition to not being exercised as it should (most of the time), is still constantly under pressure, as it is responsible for holding all your internal organs, such as the uterus and bladder for example.

In addition to the “wear and tear” caused by the sexual relations themselves, with the penetration of the penis into the same musculature. Another factor that accentuates the vaginal flaccidity of the female pelvic floor is the period of pregnancy, including for women who had a cesarean section, as was my case.

I already practice intimate gymnastics (better known as pompoarism ) to strengthen my intimate muscles for over 11 years. During the period of my pregnancy, which was considered a risky pregnancy, I had to interrupt the exercise.

It was less than 9 months without practicing the exercises and during that time I felt a huge difference in my musculature.

I didn’t feel the same anymore, it felt like there was something “wrong with me”, earlier this week I went back to practicing my exercises and it seems that I recovered my self-esteem, my power… Now I feel like a complete woman again .

That is, the woman, in addition to not exercising the pelvic musculature, is still constantly overloading this musculature. Result: over the years, this muscle becomes increasingly weak and flabby. The woman who was previously tight, who had everything in place, begins to realize that little by little she has a more flaccid, wider, looser vagina. One of the most obvious symptoms of this laxity is the vaginal flatus , that awkward noise caused by air entering the vagina during sex.

Why does  vaginal flaccidity  significantly affect the quality of your sexual relations ?

First, because when the vagina is more flaccid, the sensation of penetration of the penis is less intense, both for the man, who can perceive this laxity, and for the woman.

With the widest vaginal canal, penetration is less pleasurable . In addition, you will also notice a big difference regarding your sensitivity.

If in a while you have noticed that your sensitivity is no longer the same, this is an indication that your intimate musculature needs to be worked on and that vaginal flaccidity knocks at the door.

Other common symptoms are vaginal dryness, pain in the relationship and difficulty reaching orgasm, after all who will reach orgasm if they cannot feel their partner’s penis.

It is no wonder that 78.8% of Brazilian women report some dissatisfaction in their sexual life . In Brazil, 8.2% of women complain of an absolute lack of sexual desire; 26.2% do not reach orgasm; 26.6% have difficulty with arousal and 17.8% , dyspareunia (pain during intercourse).

These data were discovered in a survey conducted by Pro Sexo – Sexual Assistance Program of Hospital das Clínicas in São Paulo. The numbers are really impressive !! Did you ever stop to think? 8 out of 10 women in Brazil are experiencing this problem and living a frustrating and unpleasant sex life.

The truth is that this is a delicate issue and one that generates several and serious problems in the woman’s life, such as: shame, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, feeling of helplessness, lack of libido, lack of sexual desire, and all this reflects in the health of the woman’s relationship.

As I said, contrary to what most people imagine, this is not just for older women. The musculature will start to sag after 20 years .

But surely the symptoms become more evident and worrying after the age of 40, which is when the woman starts to suffer more frequently from the dreaded urinary incontinence , that is, when the woman starts to lose urine when she coughs, sneezes or makes some physical effort. This happens when the musculature of the perineum is so flabby that it cannot control the bladder.

This problem is more common than you might think. In the last survey that I had access to here in Brasilia, 5 out of 10 women suffer from urinary incontinence after the age of 40, that is, half of the women will suffer from this very uncomfortable problem, by the way.

I believe that you have already realized how important it is to pay attention to this subject and strengthen your muscles in order to keep the intimate region healthy and sensitive.

I feel very intensely all the benefits of intimate gymnastics and that’s why I take my work so seriously. I believe that every woman deserves to live a happy sex and love life.

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