Vaginal Orgasm and Clitoral Orgasm: What is the difference?

Many women do not know, but, at the time of sex, there are two ways to reach the peak of pleasure, that is, two types of orgasm: clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm. The difference is in the part of your body that will be stimulated at the time of intercourse, the clitoris or the vagina. Whether by clitoral stimulation or vaginal penetration, reaching orgasm is always an important moment for the couple and, especially, for you!

So, I recorded the video below, in which I explain the different reactions of  vaginal  and  clitoral orgasm  in your body and, besides, I give a nice message to men, who often “charge” the woman’s vaginal orgasm.

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The difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasm

Although there are two types of orgasm, the clitoral is much more common, leading many people to doubt that vaginal orgasm actually exists. The good news is that orgasm through vaginal penetration exists (and it’s wonderful)! But what is the difference between him and the clitoral orgasm?

The best explanation I’ve read on the subject was in the book  Love and Orgasm,  of  Alexander Lowen. The book reveals a survey in which  women reported their experiences with vaginal and clitoral orgasms.

Most of them explained that vaginal orgasm affects the body as a whole, is more prolonged and deep. The day after a vaginal orgasm, they reported relief, a feeling of tranquility and fullness, while the day after a clitoris, they said they felt anxious and agitated.

Clitoral orgasm, therefore, would be a peak of pleasure, more local and acute, but with a feeling of emptying (which would explain the anxiety and agitation of the following day).

What is vaginal orgasm and why is it harder to achieve?

Vaginal orgasm is that caused by stimulation caused by the penetration of the penis into the vagina. Like clitoral orgasm, it causes involuntary and rhythmic contractions in the vaginal muscles, which are responsible for giving you the feeling of pleasure.

From a physiological point of view, the two types of orgasm happen in a similar way. Both the vagina and the clitoris are areas full of nerve endings that, if stimulated in the right way, can cause a lot of pleasure and, consequently, female orgasm.

But why, then, is it more difficult to reach vaginal orgasm? First, because the clitoris is more exposed, making it easier for you or your partner to stimulate you to orgasm.

However, there is also a factor related to the knowledge of the body itself. Most women learn to masturbate only with clitoral stimulation (when they do), leaving aside the knowledge of vaginal stimulation, done through penetration.

This ease of reaching pleasure through friction of the clitoris ends up leaving the woman accustomed to this same form of stimulation, not seeking vaginal orgasm – after all, it is more “difficult”.

It is not uncommon, even, for me to hear reports from women who, after a few years, can only feel orgasm in a specific position and with a specific stimulus. This is because the body has become accustomed over time to just that situation.

When we talk about sex, however, the interesting thing is to do exactly the opposite, experiencing new sensations and risking different things.

How to have vaginal orgasm?

As with reaching clitoral orgasm, there is no formula or cake recipe for achieving vaginal orgasm. You and your partner will have to discover together what causes more pleasure, testing different positions or forms of stimulation.

There are, however, some tips that will help you reach vaginal orgasm. See what they are:

Find out what you like

Reaching vaginal orgasm is not a process that begins only at the time of sex. As a woman, you should know what gives you the most pleasure, which positions stimulate you the most and which parts of your body are most sensitive to caresses. For that, masturbation, using accessories or not, should be an intimate pleasure routine, not a taboo!

Communicate with your partner

It is useless to know what gives you pleasure if your partner does not know. Communicate with him during sex, showing or guiding movements towards the most stimulating form of penetration.

Bet on the preliminaries

It is easier to reach vaginal orgasm if, when your partner penetrates you, you are already quite aroused. Preliminaries can be ignored, both for your pleasure and your partner’s.

Bet on accessories

Erotic toys help to stimulate and accelerate arousal. In addition, you can also use accessories to train and practice the Pompoir exercises.

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Enjoy the vaginal orgasm!

It takes longer to reach vaginal orgasm than clitoral orgasm, but it’s worth the wait! At the time of sexual intercourse, do not be in a hurry and anxiety to achieve it. Enjoy each position, touch or caress of your partner, focusing solely on the pleasure of both of you.

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