The use of smartphones is ruining sex life

Currently everyone’s companion smartphone. This thing is most commonly used when you wake up in the morning and sleep at night. However, the use of excessive effects on sex life, said a group of researchers. One such study has recently emerged that the life of a smartphone depends on the sex life. Even height or not depends on the size of your phone. 

Depending on how you look on mobile or other devices, both sex and height, that is, how you keep your neck fixed, are just two things! And it has a serious impact on people’s sex life. As a result, various physical problems are increasing. Find out who is at risk of damage …

১. Currently, smartphone usage is increasing in terms of laptops or desktops. As a result, the neck type is increasing. And there is danger in it. It has a profound effect on your sex life and height. 

2. This new issue has been published in the journal Science Anatomy. Researchers at the University of Arkansas have dealt with neck and head banging when using electronic equipment. This is where the matter is caught.

3) Women and people of lower altitude use their mobile or other materials to bend their neck differently than men. This is one of the leading causes of pain in the neck and head of women.

4) When folding or twisting the neck in the same manner, the neck and head parts of the neck, neck and shoulders are most affected during mobile or tablet inserts. This causes long-term pain.

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