How to use psychology to make a person fall in love and make them stay with you.

Do you think love can’t be controlled?

Do you think that if a person doesn’t love you right away there is no more hope?

Do you think it’s impossible to make a person fall madly in love with you ?

If you answered yes, there is a very great chance that you believe in fate . Okay, a lot of people believe it. In fact, most people think that love is something that cannot be controlled and that if a person does not fall in love with you from the first moment you saw each other, it is all useless.

But thanks to a long research that lasted for years, we discovered that love can be controlled. And all of this can be done with the power of the mind. It’s all about learning to control this power properly.

You have to understand that love is no different from other emotions :


The emotions I wrote above can be controlled and since love belongs to the same category it can be controlled. Controlling love is as easy as controlling fear, stress. The problem is that we have always been told that it cannot be controlled so we struggle to believe it. We have always been “forced” to believe that love is something that “happens” it all depends on “fate”.

Reality is very far from this way of thinking. With the right information we can make someone fall madly in love. Now, like all things, nothing is 100% sure, but the success rate will increase dramatically. If you can triple your chances of really making someone fall in love, why not try?

1.How we fall in love and the psychology behind it.

Before thinking about how to make a person fall madly in love with you, you have to look at the psychological aspect of the thing, because it has nothing to do with magic potions or particular prayer sessions under the light of the full moon.

Without even realizing it, you and any other person have a list in their memory . On this list there are a number of features that your potential love must have in order for you to fall in love with this person. Psychologists call this list “the map of love “.

If someone does not reflect one or more points on this list, he is automatically eliminated from your mind as a potential partner and as a result will remain either a person who is not important to you or a friend, this is why you can fall in love with certain types of person and instead with others you remain only friend.

Obviously any person has a different and unique list . The items on the list depend on the following:

What you believe in.

Past experiences.

Your past and how you grew up.

Your previous relationships.

This is the reason why a friend of yours can fall in love with a man whom you consider “nothing special”. This man corresponds to his unique “love map” and not yours. This list is part of our sub-knowledge and cannot be checked. The mind does everything on its own. The same thing that your mind is doing right now, that is, it is ordering your heart to beat as you read this article. For this it is possible to fall in love with a person without having the slightest idea of ​​why it happened. Blame your subconscious.

This is why love is such a “mysterious” thing and many people think it is a matter of ” fate “. In reality, it has nothing to do with fate, it’s all about the subconscious, the only thing you can do to understand why you fall in love with certain people is to try to dig into the subconscious and understand what’s on that list of features.

Below I put the example of Luca ‘s list . Luca is a 25 year old boy with a couple of serious relationships behind him. He dropped out of university 2 years ago and works in Milan. Luca is tired of dating women and then not building anything serious and is looking for a serious relationship. His list begins with these 4 conditions :

1. Must have my same level of education .

2. He must be brunette (Luca was once left by a brunette and his subconscious has included this feature on his list to help him overcome that “trauma”.)

3. She must be very attached to the family and want her own. (Family and children are very important to Luca and he is looking for a woman who will be an excellent mother.

4. Must love travel .

If Luca is single at the moment, but is looking for a partner and knows a beautiful woman with red hair, there are many chances that he won’t fall in love with her. Even if she thinks she is a beautiful and beautiful-looking person, she won’t understand that the thing that stops the process of falling in love is the list of criteria in her subconscious.

For the list in our subconscious, we often and willingly take years to forget a person with whom we had a relationship.

2. How to manipulate the mind to make our love return.

Here is a list of tested methods that help make a person fall in love with you:

1. Have the characteristics that the subconsciousness of the person we are interested in is looking for. As I have already explained to you, we all have a “love map” that requires very specific characteristics. Do some research on the person you are interested in, find out all the most basic information about his past and his interests, the more you know the better, then try to apply the information you have acquired to reflect his “list”.

Complete that person. When people look for a partner, they try to find someone similar to them. There is a though. For example, if you are an intelligent person but with low self-esteem, you will seek an intelligent person who has a lot of self-esteem, just to complete your weakness. Be sure of yourself, this makes the other person understand that “you have what she needs and you can complete it.”

3. How much are you really trying? Often people wonder how correct it is to insist and chase a person. The truth is that there is no clear answer to this question. If you want to be on the safe side, you should know that people when they have a moment of weakness and therefore need someone who comforts them is much more inclined to fall in love with the person who healed their emotional “wounds”.

4. Use your friends together. If you have friends in common you have to use it to your advantage. You must know that one person trusts much easier than another if you have friendships in common. If your friends think you are a great person, there are many possibilities that will allow you to be influenced by this thought and consequently you will think so too. If his friends think you’re an idiot, the same goes.

5. Remind him that you are there. The more you repeat one thing to someone, the more chance it is for that person to think about that particular thing. Because? Simple, continually repeating one thing can influence the mind to accept that thing. Obviously you do not have to call a person every 10 minutes ending up stressing them and making them lose all the desire to know you. Send some small signals here and there just to let you know that you are there.

6. Associate your person with positive things. When someone mentions your name, what is the first thing that comes to mind? How are you seen by other people? Positive or negative things? The better you position yourself in the idea that people have made you, the easier it will be to have a relationship.

7. Does love really exist at first sight or is it just a myth? Love at first sight exists. If a person reflects the criteria of the list at first glance, there is a very great possibility that the spark is triggered. Now you will ask yourself: “How is it possible that I fell in love with her if I don’t know her and is it the first time I see her?”. Simple, your list includes features like: how a person walks, sits, talks or interacts with other people. Manners, appearance, actions.

The classic example is if a person reminds you of someone you have already loved. We usually follow a “pattern” and fall in love with the same type of person we loved in the past. Usually it is thought to be “fate”, but fate has little to do with it.

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