Use of papaya leaves to cure dengue and other diseases

Many of us know how healthy papaya is, but its leaves are ignored by everyone. But surprisingly, its leaves are very effective in curing various diseases.


The papaya leaves are not as tasty as the fruit, but quite bitter, which is good. Bitter because its leaves contain lots of phytonutrients, which is very useful for therapy. Incredible nutrients have been found in papaya leaves. It also contains phenolic elements such as papain and alkaloid. Which together make powerful antibiotics and increase immunity.

Chemopain is a combination of papain and another ingredient that is very effective in digestion and helps to solve digestive problems.

Diabetes mellitus

Papaya leaves should be consumed for diabetes for the following reasons.

  • Papaya leaf is very effective in reducing glucose.
    • Papaya leaves contain antioxidants that reduce the risk of diabetes complications as well as fatty liver disease, oxidative stress and kidney damage.
    • Due to diabetes, the body may suffer various complications due to late drying. If the papaya juice is placed on the wound, the wound will dry out very quickly. Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-bacterial ingredients. Read more Ginger herbal quality.

Dengue resistant papaya leaves

Dengue disease is a catastrophic disease when AIDS spreads through mosquitoes. Symptoms of the disease are headache, severe drowsiness, severe fever, severe pain in the muscle and knee pain five to seven days after mosquito bite.


Although there are billions of cases of dengue outbreak, there is no drug-based treatment yet. However, it is good news for you to treat patients currently suffering from dengue fever with papaya juice.

There has been a lot of research on the effectiveness of papaya juice in relieving the disease in patients with dengue, one of them is a Sri Lankan doctor. How to make dengue resistant tomatoes with papaya leaf juice.

  • Collect fresh papaya leaves. Cucumber leaves are found at the bottom of the tree, which is great for this recipe.
  • Before collecting the leaves, make sure that the fruit on the tree because some trees look like papaya tree but it is actually poisonous.
  • Wash the collected leaves thoroughly and remove the leaves that are not completely green.
  • Remove the fibrous stem.
  • If you have juice, it will be very easy to make juice. Pour the leaves into the juice. If you do not have any machinery, tear the leaves well, squeeze the slices.


You will get one tablespoon of juice from a leaf grinder. Drink empty stomach twice daily or every six hours. You can also mix it with water if you want and after drinking this juice you will get excellent results within a few days.


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