How to use marketing automation in distance learning

Marketing automation is a solution that helps companies have broader communication and the right timing. For distance education institutions, having a close and frequent performance is important, but it would be impossible without automating their actions in contact with students and leads.

The distance learning modality (EAD) has been growing in the educational scope and, in addition to the type of teaching, it presents some differences from schools and classroom courses.

Currently, it is developed in the digital sphere, and this influences marketing actions. The marketing automation for distance education is a key strategy, which helps keep the relevant institution and ready to capture more and more students.

For this, it is important to establish actions that are really impactful and bring results. This is the way for a school or distance education course to always be highlighted and survive in such a competitive market that invests a lot in digital marketing.

Automation is a dynamic way of attracting stakeholders to convert them into students. How about knowing more about this subject? In this content, you will understand more about marketing automation for distance learning and how to use the resource in your actions!

What will you read in this article?

  • What is marketing automation?
    • Automation in distance learning
  • How to apply marketing automation to distance learning?
    • Define your persona well
    • Generate content to get leads
    • Maintain a good relationship with your contact base
    • Have a follow-up strategy
  • What are the advantages of marketing automation in distance learning?
    • Greater student retention
    • Achievement of enrollments
    • Greater presence on the web

What is marketing automation?

Marketing has always had the objective of positioning brands in a certain segment, allowing potential customers to know them better until, effectively, they become consumers.

In practice, this has not changed, but the means of achieving these goals have changed over the past few years. The internet and its resources made the actions and strategies to be automated.

In this way, marketing automation consists of more broadly targeted digital marketing actions .

In other words, more people can be reached, without the work being replicated the same number of times proportional to the number of users you want to reach . All this through personalized work, even with its large-scale characteristics.

The cradle of automation is the era of digital transformation . The changes that marketing went through in this period are directly related to technology and the way it developed, favoring these public reach strategies.

Today, a campaign programmed in the right way is able to reach thousands of people, getting the desired attention and awakening actions within what the company’s strategy expects.

Automation in distance learning

When it comes to distance learning, marketing automation is already a concrete reality. Without these strategies, it is very difficult to gain attention, stand out from the competition and, especially, get more students.

In addition to new enrollments, distance learning institutions seek retention, another objective made possible by actions based on automation.

There are two ways to work on these strategies within EAD. The first is to value the relationship with your current base , that is, students who are already enrolled and can renew enrollment.

Parallel to this, the search is for reaching people who are within its target audience , showing why their distance learning institution is qualified and why potential students should study there.

Distance learning involves very relevant numbers: there are already 1.5 million students across Brazil . Quality colleges and courses can be taken without leaving home, thanks to online platforms.

Of course, it is easy to understand that these students are natives of the internet. Therefore, the relationship and fundraising strategies aimed at them need to be aligned with digital marketing.

When it comes to strategies executed on the Web, automation is an inevitable path, mainly for efficiency. In a simple way, the institution can continue the relationship with a student or go in search of new ones interested in a remote education.

How to apply marketing automation to distance learning?

Distance learning institutions that want to remain competitive, with good relationships with their students and greater enrollment enrollment, must implement marketing automation in a competent manner. To achieve this, it is necessary to follow important steps and establish good practices.

Only in this way, it is possible to obtain good results and gradually achieve the different objectives of the institution. Next, learn how the application of marketing automation in distance learning should be!

Define your persona well

An educational institution must know its audience well, that is, people who are interested in distance learning and are more likely to be involved in good marketing strategies.

The persona is fundamental in these objectives and it is a semi-technical representation of the ideal consumer model of that business . It brings together more detailed characteristics, which help to create a true character.

The closer that persona is to the common characteristics of the EAD audience, the better the level of marketing actions .

That’s because automation has a great need to be precise. So, conduct research, carefully observe the habits and customs of your audience and then define that persona . Whenever you plan a campaign, adapt all actions to that persona, and so they will be successful.

Generate content to get leads

Institutions need to generate content capable of attracting the attention of interested people who, in the future, may become EAD students.

One of the most interesting and low-cost strategies for this is content marketing . Through posts, e-books and specialized materials, it is possible to generate interest in the public, capture their attention and then lead them to a possible enrollment or renewal.

There are two main ways to get leads through content: requesting a newsletter subscription so that this user receives posts and other materials in the email, or developing landing pages before delivering e-books, for example.

Thus, the institution is able to have a growing lead base and, with a qualification and nutrition work, there is the exact direction to achieve the desired conversions.

Maintain a good relationship with your contact base

More than getting leads, it is important to know how to treat them. In addition to them, there is also the active base of EAD, composed of students enrolled and taking the courses. Each one in his internship, everyone must have the due attention of the institution’s marketing team.

Automation is essential for periodic emails to be triggered with really interesting approaches and offers for each of these people.

If you are still trying to turn a lead into a student, automation should deliver content that helps you better understand how EAD is, valuing the modality .

For students, on the other hand, emails should have a more customer-oriented approach. In such cases, it is essential to trigger general or specific communications to the student, offer discounts and other topics.

Have a follow-up strategy

In some moments, you will need to monitor your contacts more closely , regardless of the stage they are in.

If you have a student who has enrolled and has not yet started classes, you need to trigger alerts , always showing the importance of dedicating yourself to the course. This helps to generate closeness and a good relationship, gaining the much needed engagement nowadays.

In other cases, these contacts may be more focused on closing deals. There are situations in which the interested parties do not finish the registration or abandon the process at the time of payment.

Strategically done through email marketing , follow-up is important so that the impending conversion is not lost. Automation allows you to make these specific shots, according to the stage of that lead.

What are the advantages of marketing automation in distance learning?

Automation is the current reality of marketing, so the natural path is for it to have very positive impacts for distance learning institutions.

There are some good strategic and objective advantages that can be achieved by implementing these actions. Next, get to know the main ones and better understand the importance of marketing automation in this segment!

Greater student retention

If the institution is able to maintain a good relationship with its students, the tendency is that they are satisfied .

In this process, automation helps to maintain the right communication with this database, making them understand that, there, there is an appreciation of those who are already “from home”. Offer new courses, discounts, help students with their commitments and show dedication. Thus, you will be able to retain them!

Achievement of enrollments

Winning new students is also one of the main objectives of distance learning institutions, especially at such a favorable time. It is necessary to know how to take advantage of this movement of increasing acceptance of the sport , thanks to the facilities and amenities it provides.

Automation helps to capture the attention of the right people, that is, those aligned with the persona. Such accurate work, of course, results in new enrollments!

Greater presence on the web

If the current moment is the digital age, it is essential to be in the main environment: the internet . Any company needs to position itself online today, and that means being on social media , having an attractive website, creating a blog and interacting.

In this process, automation helps to make this work more practical, reaching more people and maintaining a space on the web capable of attracting good traffic.

Marketing automation for distance learning is the purest translation of how technology has helped in the development of marketing. With it, it is possible to continue the relationship with your base and gain even more attention from those interested in the sport. Thus, your institution is developed through tools that facilitate the strategic work of the marketing team.

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