Use Flowing Water after Burning Skin to Avoid Spilling Scars

Burns are a problem that is not only painful but also leaves scars that are difficult to disappear. Even so, it turns out there are ways that these burns do not imprint on the skin.

The first step that can be done so that the burns on the skin do not cause scars or scars, immediately wash it using running water for 10-20 minutes. Medical Expert Combiphar, dr. Sandi Perutama Gani suggested, after that immediately dry the area affected by burns.

“Clean the area using running water, make sure the water is clean and dry. Do not apply ingredients such as soy sauce or toothpaste,” he said some time ago, reported from Antara.

Flowing water can cool or release heat in the affected skin area. Afterwards, apply a special ointment for the treatment of thin burns with a thickness of about 1 millimeter every 4-6 hours.

It is better to choose one that contains antimicrobial to prevent bacteria from developing, anti-inflammatory properties to release heat and moisturize because the condition of the moist wound area can accelerate wound healing.

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You can also choose herbal ointments such as Phellodendri chinensis, Coptidis rhizome, Scutellariae radix, as well as those containing sesame oil and beeswax because they can serve to provide moisture to the wound area, absorbing residual heat so that it will help reduce the severity of the wound.

Remember, keep the area of ​​the wound from cloth or clothing temporarily. If you find that the severity of the wound exceeds two or one of the two signs that there is a blister and the area of ​​the wound is expanding, seek medical help immediately after you give first aid (rinse with running water and apply an ointment).

“If the wound gets blistered or the area of ​​the wound expands, clean it (with running water), apply the ointment and go directly to the nearest hospital or clinic, it needs to be given fluids. At least first aid is correct,” said Sandi.

According to him, proper first aid will make wound healing easier. If you already apply ingredients such as toothpaste, butter and oil the risk of scarring is higher.

“If there are already scars, it is medically rather difficult (the wounds disappear), most obscured,” Sandi said.


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