Update Failed in Discord: How to Fix?

Experiencing “Update failed in Discord” errors? Learn how to fix the issue and get back to seamless chatting with friends.

Update Failed in Discord: How to Fix?

In this article, we have collected all the working solutions for the update failed Discord problem in 2023 – one of the most common errors in the messenger. It means that Discord cannot update. The error occurs when trying to launch the Discord desktop application – the notification appears in the launch window under the messenger logo. Let’s find out how to fix it!

Checking your internet connection

The Discord app only works when there is an internet connection. If there is no internet connection or it is poor, the messenger will not be able to update and start working.

  • Look at the network connection icon in the lower right corner of your desktop. If it is inactive, then the Internet is not connected. Turn it on!
  • Restart your internet.
  • Check if the Internet is paid. Maybe you need to top up your balance?
  • Call your ISP’s technical support and report problems with your Internet connection.
  • Is the Internet connected? Check your connection speed using an online service, such as Speedtest. Click the “Go”button on the website and see the results.

Checking your internet connection is the first thing you should do. If everything is fine but Discord still won’t start, move on to the next methods.

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Deleting Discord Directory

The directory is the place where the program was installed. You need to completely delete it and then reinstall Discord. In fact, we will reinstall the messenger. We tell you in detail how to do this to fix the discord update failed error.

  • To remove it right away, first stop all Discord processes. Press the key combination Ctrl+Alt+Delete. In the ” Processes”tab , find the line with the messenger name, right-click and click “Remove task” . Repeat this action with each Discord process.
  • Now you need to find the folder – the application directory. We got the following path:  C:UsersUsernameAppDataLocalDiscord.
  • Erase the Discord folder completely byright-clicking on it and selecting Delete .
  • Confirm the action if necessary.

Now all that’s left is to reinstall the messenger! If you forgot how to do this, the instructions are below. We wrote them using Windows 11 as an example.

  • Go to the official Discord website:  https://discord.com/download. You will also find it first in the search results for the query “discord download on pc”.
  • Click the blue ” Download for Windows”button . If you’re on Mac or Linux, look for the buttons below.
  • Select a location on your computer and clickSave .
  • Wait until the installation file is downloaded and open it.

Done! You can log into your account and continue using the messenger. If this method did not help, read below what else you can do in case of an update failed error in Discord.

Run as administrator

The Run as Administrator function gives the program the ability to use special rights to interact with the OS and make changes to system files if necessary.

Sometimes running as an administrator is necessary and solves some problems in the program. If the developer of the program is well known, and the installation file is obtained from the official website, you can not worry about the security of the system and run the software as an administrator. Let’s see how to do this if Discord does not start and gives an update failed error.

  • Find the messenger shortcut and right-click on it.
  • Select Run as administrator.
  • Allow the application to make changes to your device by clicking the confirmation button in the window that appears.

Don’t forget to also stop all Discord processes via Task Manager beforehand.

And it happens that Discord does not update and gives an update failed error in your version of the operating system. We tell you what to do in this case.

Run in compatibility mode

Are you getting the Discord update failed error in Windows 11 and the messenger won’t start? Perhaps it still conflicts with the new version of the OS – try running it in compatibility mode with one of the previous versions – Windows 7 or 8. Here’s how to do it!

  • Find the messenger shortcut and right-click on it.
  • Click on the item ” Properties”.
  • Go to the Compatibilitytab .
  • Check the box next to ” Run this program in compatibility mode for”.
  • In the drop-down list under the arrow, select Windows 7 or 8.
  • Click Apply at the bottom ofthe window.

What to do if the update failed error in Discord still persists and the “retrying in” process is stuck in a loop? There are still a few options left to solve the problem!

Disabling antivirus

Sometimes a false positive triggering of an antivirus program occurs and it blocks harmless applications. That is why another way to fix the updating failed error in Discord is to disable the antivirus while launching the messenger or add Discord to the exceptions of the antivirus program.

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Look for the necessary buttons in the interface of your antivirus and try to launch the messenger again!

Adding to Firewall Exceptions

A firewall is a system that protects the device’s operating system from the “outside world.” One of the functions of a firewall is to control network access for applications. Perhaps it is this that is preventing Discord from updating. Let’s add the messenger to the firewall exceptions.

  • To quickly access the firewall settings, use the system search. On the taskbar, click the magnifying glass icon and enter a keyword in the search bar. Click on the desired section from the search results.
  • In the right part of the window that opens, click ” Allow interaction with the application”.
  • In the list of applications, find Discord and apply the desired setting.

Were you able to launch the messenger? In this article, we shared with you proven methods for launching Discord when the update failed problem occurs on Windows 10 or other systems – now you know what to do with this error. Tell us which method helped you launch the messenger again!


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