Unknown 10 Facts of human body

Unknown 10 Facts of human body

Man is an inescapable creation of the Creator. We may know a lot about the human body but beyond that there is a lot of wonderful unknown information. Come on, don’t know about those wonderful strange facts.

We are born with 300 bones, but with the adult body of 06 cases have bones.

  1. An average person consumes about 5 tons offood on average in his or her life .

 . Almost in our human bodies১০০০০ট্রিলিয়ন Contains cells.

Throughout our life, nerves are created and changed.

The number of immune white blood cells is 20 million, and they survive only 12 hours.

The speed of blood in a healthy body is 5 miles per hour .

Is the most powerful muscle in the human bodyTongue

There are a total of 3 testbeds in our tongue that we use to taste.

As with fingerprints, each person has a different tongue impression.

১০To blink an eye1.5 seconds Takes time

১১In the eyes of almost everyone in the worldDemodex The name has a special type of element.

  1. When we sneeze, all kinds of work within our body stops, and even the heartbeat stops.

১৩We can never open our eyes and laugh.

১৪All the veins of the body will need one and a half acre of land to decorate.

১৫A human’s nervous system is so long that it can penetrate the earth seven times.

১৬Our brains are about১০,০০০টি Can recognize and remember different smells.

১৭Newborn babies are color blind, meaning they can see only white and black colors.

১৮One man all his life4 thousand liters The urine quits.

১৯One million hairs are on a man’s skin.

  1. One man almost every day২০০০০The bar breathes.
  2. The human brain never relaxes, it also works in sleep.
  3. Our hair and nails continue to grow even after death.
  4. Humans lose about one million skin cells per day, which is 2 kilograms a year.
  5. Feelings in the body and in the mind actually reach the brain1.5 seconds Takes time
  6. The smallest bone in the body Stepis Which is located in our ears.


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