Understanding Good Sleep

Sleep becomes a term that we often hear even we say everyday. For example, “Last night I couldn’t sleep well because I was worried about today’s presentation” or “I was very sleepy and wanted to sleep or” It seems I have to make a cup of coffee before continuing my work “. Sleep, sleep and sleep, everyone must have talked about it. So, what is the sense of sleep? and what is the meaning of good sleep?


The meaning of sleep is a physiological behavior that is generally carried out by all living things, both in all animal and human species. What is the definition of sleep according to experts? Many experts agree that sleep is a condition where awareness of environmental stimuli is reduced. Keep in mind that sleep is not the same as a state of coma, hibernation, and even death. Why is that? This is because the condition of sleep allows the individual to regain consciousness compared to the other three conditions.


How about understanding good sleep? Good sleep is a condition where individuals meet the quality and quantity of sleep itself. For example, adults are advised to sleep for seven to eight hours a day.


If an adult has fulfilled the required quantity of sleep and in seven to eight hours a day he really sleeps well, then the individual concerned has felt good and quality sleep.


How to get a good sleep?

There are several steps that we need to implement to get a good sleep, even better than previous sleeps. First of all, we need to allocate a little time so that our bodies become more relaxed. Try to calm down at least one hour before bedtime. If previously we were working, try to save the file and turn off our laptop or computer first. Turn off the television and other lit objects that we need to secure before going to sleep.


If your fellow readers feel hungry or thirsty, eating snacks or brewing hot tea before going to bed is fine too! In addition there are some people where every time before going to bed, they always take a shower with warm water so that their bodies become more relaxed and minds calmer. There are also those who read several pieces of reading books as a lullaby so that their minds become more peaceful, can also write or think about positive things that have happened in one day. In essence, do things that make us happy , peaceful, relaxed and calm before going to sleep.


The second step, we need to turn off all light sources from the bedroom. We know that maybe some of our Career Advice colleagues like to sleep with their room lights left on, right? However, according to a study conducted by the American Journal of Epidemiology states that light can reduce the production of the hormone melatonin which can interfere with our body’s metabolism. Other research also states that when a room goes dark, the human body will work well in rest. This is because the human body is designed to feel tired when it is dark and awakens when light begins to illuminate the room. For example, sunlight that begins to slip into the curtains of our room. That way, turn off your room lights, cellphones and other electronic items.

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