Understanding Faith in God’s Book and Its Wisdom (Complete)

Understanding Faith in the Book of God and Its Wisdom (Complete)  – Faith in the book of God is the third pillar of faith. It is a legal requirement for us to believe it as a plus. Besides knowing how to believe in the law of God, you can also learn how to believe from the book of God.

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  • 1The Meaning of Faith in the Book of God and Its Wisdom (Complete)
    • 1The Meaning of Faith in the Book of God
    • 2 TheFaith of the Book of God
    • 3Faith in the Scriptures
      • 3.1 TheBook of the Law
      • 3.2 TheBook of Psalms
      • 3.3The Bible
      • 3.4Kitab Al-Quran
    • 4 TheWisdom of Faith in the Book of God
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The Meaning of Faith in the Book of God and Its Wisdom (Complete)

Let us discuss carefully the meaning of faith in Allah SWT and the wisdom of believers in the book of Allah SWT.

The Meaning of Faith in the Book of God

The book of God  comes from the Arabic language that is the word yaktubu kitabab kitabanab. Which means writing. The meaning of the book of God is seen in its terms as a revelation in the form of books in a single form. In it is explained that the word of God is written in two forms, namely suhuf and mushaf. Both are derived from the same root sentence, either in writing or in writing.

There is also shuuf or shifa which means a piece of sentence written in material such as leather, paper, papyrus, and other media. While the mushaf or masahif which means collections of UFOs are put together, like two covers in one content. The term faith in the book of Allah means to trust and bring God to the Lord by sending down the books to His apostles which contain His prohibitions, commands, promises, and threats. Also makes the book of God as a guide to human life, so that it can distinguish between good and bad, rights and vanity, halal and haram.

The Faith of the Book of God

Faith in the book of God is found in the QS. Numbers 4: 136.


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” O you who believe, believe in Allah and His Messenger and in the book which He sent down to His Messenger, and in the book which Allah sent down before .” (QS. An Nisa / 4: 136)

Later in the letter there is a difference between the book and the suhuf:

  1. The contents of the book are more complete than the suhuf.
  2. The book is open while the suhuf is only a sheet (not opened).

There are a total of Suhuf as there are 100, with the following details:

  1. 50 Suhuf was revealed to the Prophet,
  2. 30 Suhuf was revealed to Prophet Idris,
  3. 10 Suhuf was revealed to Abraham,
  4. 10 Suhuf was revealed to Moses,

We have to believe in the scriptures mentioned by the suhuf. Suhuf is full of advice. Allah Almighty says: ” Indeed this is all that is found in the first (ie) sages of Abraham and Moses .” (QS Al A’la 18-19).

Faith in the Scriptures

As revealed by Imam Nawawi al-Bantani in  Nuruzzalam  explains that every  mukallaf  (which has been burdened with law) or has been obliged to believe in  4 heavenly books  revealed to the prophets, among others:

The Bible

The Bible was passed down to Moses, written in Hebrew. The Book of Torah contains about the Shari’a (law) and true belief in God. The main content of the book of the Torah is the 10 words of God to the people of Israel.

The Book of Psalms

The book of Psalms was passed down to David, containing psalms (praises to God in the Qibti language). This book does not contain the new law, because David was commanded to follow the law that Moses had brought. The book of Psalms also contains about remembrance, prayer, and counsel. The argument that the book of Psalms is the word of God follows.

The Bible

As we know that the Bible was passed down to Jesus, written in Suyani by the disciples of Jesus. There is even evidence that the Bible is the word of God following.


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” And We have given him (the) Book of the Gospel in it (there is) guidance and light (light) ” … (QS Al Maidah / 5: 46).

Kitab Al-Quran

Yes, the Quran is a holy book of Muslims passed down to the Prophet Muhammad, written in Arabic which is a group of words given by God as a unified book and as a living guide for all mankind. in 23 years. The Qur’an is a book that has no doubt in it. Always awake to error, and a guide in shaping human piety.
it is according to the word of Allah Almighty:

“This Book (the Qur’an) has no doubt in it, a guide for those who fear “. (Qs Al-Baqarah / 2: 2)

The Wisdom of Faith in the Book of God

By believing in the books of God we gain the following wisdom and benefits:

  1. Strengthen your faith in Allah Almighty.
  2. In the Koran are all the answers that cannot be answered by science and reason so that our lives are not misguided.
  3. Add to science, because the Qur’an in addition to the commandments and prohibitions also contain the basics of all science.
  4. Keeping our duty to God to avoid His prohibition. And life will be organized.
  5. Foster an optimistic attitude to achieve happiness and success in the afterlife, so that you will get intercession in the afterlife.


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