Understanding the Book of God and Its Explanation (Complete Discussion)

Understanding of the Books of Allah And the Complete Explanation – The Qur’an has indeed become the Muslim holy book. However, we also know other books of God such as the Gospel, the Torah and the Psalms. Whoever reads the Qur’an will know about the other books of Allah. The Koran recognizes that these books, like the Qur’an, are books revealed by Allah. And even one of the 5 Pillars of Islam is the obligation to trust the books of God.

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Understanding the Book of God and Its Explanation (Complete Discussion)

In the Quran it is said that the book of the Torah and the Psalm which have been passed down to the Jews. While the book of the gospel is passed down to Christians or critics. The Christians themselves recognized all the Jewish scriptures (Old Testament books = Torah, Psalms and other books) as their scriptures, other than the Bible. On the other hand Jews did not admit to even stubborn opposition to the beliefs of the Christians; and this has been going on since 2000 years ago.

However, as the times have emerged there are a number of beliefs that say that the books of Allah besides the Koran have been lost. That is, it is no longer known where the original book. There are many things that make the authenticity of the books of God in addition to the Koran questioned their authenticity, namely because of the change, falsification, whether intentional or not, etc. And many people just accept this without going deeper into it. Are there verses and arguments that support. Are these interpretations, and their arguments also quite logical and reasonable? Does it not occur to you that God is able to protect His books?


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On the other hand, for the Jews and Target, they also do not recognize the Koran as a book from God either. The only answer, if asked to them, if you want to conclude why they don’t admit it is because they don’t have any reason or basis to acknowledge it as a holy book. “Please give me a logical and valid reason why I have to admit it,” they said.

Understanding the Scriptures of God

The Book of God is a record that God has given to the Prophets and Apostles. For Muslims it is necessary to believe in the Holy Quran according to one of the pillars of faith. There have been a total of 114 books that have been published.

Then the writings of the word of God (the Book of God) in ancient times were made into 2 types, which can be in the form of  shuhuf  and  manuscripts . The word  shuhuf is  also found in surah al A’laa. Both terms come from the same sentence namely, shafifa which means a piece of sentence written in paper, leather, and other media. While the Manuscripts are collections of shuhuf which are one.

In the process of writing the text of the Qur’an, the  shuhuf  consisted of several pieces that were eventually compiled in the time of Abu Bakr. In the  shuhuf the  arrangement of each verse in the surah is correct, but the sheets containing the whole number are neatly arranged, not bundled into one body.

The sentence  Manuscripts  at this time means that the sheets collected in the Qur’an were collected during the time of Uthman bin Affan. At that time, each verse in the surah was neatly arranged. Today Muslims also mention each duplicate of the Qur’an, which has the regularity of each verse and the surah called the  Mushaf .

Shuhuf or revelation of God was conveyed to the apostles but, it is not required to be conveyed or taught to humans. Some of the prophets who get shuhuf include:

  1. Adam got 10 shuhuf
  2. Syits get 60 shuhuf
  3. Khanukh got 30 shuhuf
  4. Abraham received 30 shuhuf
  5. Moses got 10 shuhuf


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