Understand the importance of having a good realtor

The time to buy a property is a very important moment and, when done right, it is a great happiness. However, care must be taken not to fall into blows or make bureaucratic mistakes that can cause many headaches.


So it is essential to have the professionalism and knowledge of a good realtor. He is the only professional qualified under the law to handle all aspects of a real estate transaction, including barter and administration, in both urban and rural areas.


In addition, the broker takes care of essential details such as real estate appraisal , legislation in force in each case, capturing real estate for new business and accompanying clients on visits, showing the positive and negative points of making that decision.


They are responsible for all forms of how that deal can be important to both parties, and take all of this into account when helping to close the deal.


The Importance of a Realtor

  • The broker intermediates all real estate transactions, including payments. He does this with great care and knowledge, in addition to checking all steps to avoid fraud or errors


  • The contract made by the real estate companies provides for all the problems that may arise, to protect the integrity of the two parties. The broker is responsible for the content of the contracts and charges both parties so that everything is carried out according to the described agreement.


  • Only industry professionals understand the real aspects that influence the evaluation of a property.


  • Some realtors specialize in bringing profitability and appreciation to their clients. This becomes indispensable when the economy is unstable, where the realtor can help the client to make the best decisions .


In addition, the professional must be registered with Creci, the body that supervises him. Whenever you are in doubt, check the registration number.


History of Realtors

Did you know that officially, the profession is new in Brazil? In the country, it was regulated in 1962, but only in 1978 did it create specific rules for anyone interested in working in the area.


The path to work in the career is through technical specialization and an internship. At the end of the specialization, all professionals are tested by Creci (Regional Council of Realtors) to acquire the professional certificate.


Despite the regulations at the end of the 1970s, it was only in 2000 that the first technological courses in Real Estate Sciences and Real Estate Management were created . Currently, the real estate broker has gained a lot of space in the job market and has started to demand more and more qualification and quality from professionals.


A very interesting fact about the profession is that it is one of the most democratic in the world, as it allows any type of person, in about three years, to become a broker. This makes it possible for people with different qualifications to enter this scenario and make their career a great opportunity to reinvent themselves.


Real estate broker and the pandemic

“Reinventing” is the word for 2020, a year of great instability . The career of a realtor is a great chance for a fresh start and brings many qualities. In addition to the possibility of taking a turn in life, the profession brings several advantages such as flexible hours, dynamic routine, the possibility of working autonomously and remuneration with commissions.


An example of these advantages and flexibilities is that the sector quickly adapts, even with the pandemic, and continues to receive the same number of customers, virtually. Now that the jobs are returning, but the visits have decreased, this is also a good time for the realtor to update and recycle his knowledge in the area.


If you are still unsure about hiring a real estate agent in times of a pandemic, know that they continue taking all possible precautions to make your shopping experience even better.

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