Understand When Rubella Vaccine May Be Dangerous

Rubella vaccine, which is produced from the live attenuated virus, is part of the national vaccination plan, and has many conditions to be applied. This vaccine, known as the Viral Triple Vaccine, may be dangerous in the following situations:

  • Hypersensitivity to vaccine components;
  • Immunodeficient individuals, such as symptomatic HIV infection or cancer, for example;
  • Pregnant or women who intend to get pregnant
  • Family history of allergic diseases and / or seizures;
  • Severe acute febrile illness;
  • If administered into the vein;
  • Problems of hereditary fructose intolerance.

How does this vaccine work?

The Triple Viral Vaccine is used to prevent rubella, but it also prevents measles and mumps, meaning the vaccine stimulates the body to make defenses against these types of viruses and prevent these diseases in the future. The vaccine is for prevention rather than treatment.

Why pregnant women can’t get the vaccine

Rubella vaccine should not be given to women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant because the vaccine can lead to malformations in the baby. Thus, all women of childbearing age should only be given this vaccine after making sure they are not pregnant by taking a pregnancy test.

If a woman gets a rubella vaccine during pregnancy or becomes pregnant in less than 1 month, the baby may be born with birth defects such as blindness, deafness and mental retardation, which characterize congenital rubella. Learn all about this disease .

The best way to know if the baby has any changes is by prenatal care and all examinations, including ultrasound to assess its development in each trimester of pregnancy. There are also reports of women who received this vaccine during pregnancy without knowing they were pregnant, and the baby was born healthy without any changes.

Vaccine Side Effects

The most common side effects that may be caused by the Triple Viral Vaccine are injection site redness, fever, upper respiratory tract infection, skin rash , injection site pain and edema.

Learn more about this vaccine and possible side effects .

Can rubella vaccine cause microcephaly?

The rubella vaccine is not directly related to microcephaly, however, this brain change is related to the presence of infectious diseases during pregnancy and so, although unlikely, there is a possibility, since the vaccine has the virus, which although it is attenuated, it is still alive.

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