Understand men’s heads: 8 tips for you to find out what they think

One phrase I always hear is: is it possible that I understand the minds of men?

Indeed, it is sometimes difficult to believe that men and women are from the same planet.

We are two different species in many ways.

But the good news is that when men and women learn to understand their differences, the relationship can go on without misunderstandings and false expectations.

To help you understand a little more about the mysterious mind of men, I brought you some tips that can make a difference in your relationship with your partner.

Read this text and finally understand the minds of men.

In today’s text we will talk about:

  • The main problem for women;
  • Some things are our fault;
  • Understand men’s heads – Tips;
  • Don’t try to change it.

The main problem for women

Perhaps you are in a relationship where you never know what your partner is really thinking. Maybe you’re tired of not knowing why he says the things he says. Maybe you want to be with a guy, but he’s sending you mixed signals.

Maybe you’re confused about what he really wants and how he really feels. Maybe you’re just tired of not understanding why men act the way they do.

Anyway, one thing is certain – you don’t want to be confused by men anymore.

So, you need to understand your words and actions so that you never get lost again.

The truth is that men are very much like women. However, there are some differences, many of which are the result of how they were created.

Before continuing, obviously, not every man and woman agrees with these statements. Every man is different and I would not dream of trying to say that there is a single personality or to generalize.

Therefore, do not take this text as a law, but as a basis that will help you begin to understand men.

Some things are our fault

We are often disappointed in the way of men because we create unrealistic expectations about relationships .

We imagine perfect men and create molds, with essential characteristics that our partners need to have a perfect relationship.

Some factors lead to this out-of-control imagination, such as insecurity and anxiety, which means that, with regard to relationships, the stages are more dreamed than experienced.

Men are different from us and the sooner we accept that, we can have a happier relationship.

It’s not because he doesn’t behave in a way that you hope he doesn’t love you or doesn’t care about you.

He can just love you the way he knows. And this is not a bad thing. Why do I say to you: “understand men’s heads”? Because it will be easier to open up to real relationships.

Understand men’s heads – Tips

They are competitive

Men will compete for just about anything.

Careers, women, sports, drinking … Everything that can be turned into a competition they find difficult to resist.

Competition is what drives them to the point of obsession for being the best. Try to  understand that these distractions do not devalue you as a priority in their lives.

They look

It is true: they simply cannot control themselves.

We are the same way when we walk through a window full of beautiful shoes – we have to look. Don’t be too offended if he looks at other women. Being more attentive to visual stimulation means that a guy may be more inclined to look – or even face – attractive people.

But don’t be angry.

Just because he looks at a woman with a cleavage doesn’t mean he automatically wants to have sex with her.

These little looks are generally harmless and are more of a reflection than an indication of a doomed relationship.

Particularly, when I watch superhero movies with my kids, I love seeing all those handsome, muscular actors with no shirt on. Does that mean I want to cheat on my husband?

No. Just that I am not blind and appreciate male beauty.

They don’t understand indirect

We women pride ourselves on knowing intuitively what our friends, husbands and children are thinking, but men just don’t have the same skill.

If you don’t say directly what you want or what you are thinking, he will not understand. In my relationship, I learn not to expect my husband to know exactly what I want.

Don’t expect it to read your mind. If you are upset with your partner, tell him. Once he is aware of how you feel, he can take steps to remedy the problem. If you don’t tell him, however, you can’t count on him to understand your hints.

They are not completely insensitive

The truth is that women would like men to be more open with their feelings and talk more, but that does not mean that men are not sensitive, do not have the capacity to hurt themselves and do not know how to sympathize with the pain of others.

Men may be more resistant to showing emotion, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings as big as yours.

Men are not cavemen who are only obsessed with basic needs: food, sex and sleep. Get that thought out of your mind.

They spend a lot of time thinking about sex

There is no avoiding it: they think about sex a lot of the time.

The fact is that men have a greater tolerance for different bodily fluids and sexual acts than we do (it is something of this 10-year-old boy inside each of them).

They also love pornography, only men can be turned on by looking at pornography, but trust me, they prefer the real act.

They love oral sex

What do men want most in bed?

When I did a survey asking my well-known men that question, 80% of them said: “more oral sex “.

Why do they love it so much?

They say the best treatment a woman can give is oral sex in the morning. Forget fruit and bread – this is his idea of ​​breakfast in bed.

They are more closed

If you haven’t noticed, men are not really open books.

In addition to occasional conversations, they don’t express many emotions.

I understand that women want an intimate emotional connection with their boyfriend or husband, but it is not so easy.

Don’t give up on a guy because he won’t sit with you and let off steam about your feelings.

If this is important to you, you will have to be persistent and ask the right questions. So as long as he expresses that he cares about you, consider it a huge step.

You can’t make them grow faster

For you to understand men’s minds, you have to let a man be a man and let the boys be boys.

You cannot turn a boy into a man. They go through this transformation on their own, regardless of how you think they should be.

If a guy says he’s not ready for an appointment, you shouldn’t question his reasons because there is always a good reason. It’s just one of those things that you have to accept as they are. If you think you can’t accept it, move on.

Don’t try to change it

Some men may change the way they are, but that change must come from personal desire, not from others.

If you believe you can change your partner’s way, take my advice: give up. Unless the need is being felt by the person himself, it will not happen.

Why do I want you to understand men’s heads?

Because people are as they are: with qualities and defects, the complete work, already painted, but not finished. Accepting this reality is the first step to being happy.

Men and women are different, but they complement each other.

Imagine how boring it would be if everyone was the same? That is the grace of life, accepting each one exactly as it is.

So, my friend, understand your partner, accept your way of being and be happy.

Change your life, be a very happy and well resolved woman

Making changes in our lives is not always easy, so sometimes help is needed.

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