Understand how female hormone replacement influences quality of life

Several changes affect the female body over time. Women begin to realize that some symptoms interfere with daily life, so it is important to know what female hormone replacement is and what its benefits are.

The presence of certain discomforts makes them opt for this treatment, but it is interesting to be aware of how it works. First of all, it is important to know the diversity of hormonal therapies, as this is the principle to take the initiative to consult a doctor specialized in the subject and have an excellent quality of life.

Do you want to know in depth about the therapy that many women seek to have a healthy life during the menopause period? So, keep reading this article!

Understand what female hormone replacement is

It is the therapy responsible for replacing hormones that were previously produced naturally by the body , such as estrogen and progesterone. From approximately 45 years of age, the female body begins a process of hormonal transition, known as climacteric, and extends until menopause, which lasts until, more or less, 65 years.

It is in this period that the disorders that cause discomfort to most women begin, since, after the climacteric comes menopause, which is the spontaneous loss of hormones, these substances are feminine characteristics and provide balance in the menstrual cycle and in various functions of the body.

Discover what female hormone therapy does to the body

The hormones synthesized in laboratories have the same chemical composition as the naturally produced one, therefore, hormone replacement acts in the same way when administered in the body. They have a curative and preventive effect, minimizing the symptoms of menopause and preventing the body from possible ills, which can occur due to the lack of hormones .

See the main reasons for choosing this treatment

The lack of hormones caused by menopause brings changes in the female body , which affects self-esteem, such as the aging process, as the skin loses collagen and elastin, which are substances that support it, and the muscles are weakened .

In addition, the contours of the body also undergo changes, that is, the abdominal measurement and weight gain. Still, hair loss, weakening of nails and dry skin are factors that pester.

Notice how the therapy works

Hormonal loss at the time of menopause causes several damage to the lifestyle of some women. It is in this period that the symptoms appear, however, not all have this deficiency. Replacement is indicated for women who suffer from the moderate to severe consequences of the absence of these substances.

The indication is proportional to the needs of each woman. The gynecologist prescribes estrogen and progesterone or other hormones , in case there is really insufficiency. Consumption can be injectable, gel, patches that are placed on the skin and tablets.

Analyze types of hormone replacement

The absence of the hormones estrogen and progesterone is what most interferes when menopause arrives. To resolve this nuisance, there are several types of hormone replacement:

  • with estrogen and progesterone: this treatment is used, especially, in women who still have the uterus. Medications come with natural progesterone or a combination of synthetic progesterone and estrogen can be administered;
  • only with estrogen: the hormone, in this case, is indicated for women who have removed the uterus. This medication has only estrogen, such as mestranol, estrone and estradiol. Currently, much is said about the replacement of estradiol, which is estrogen itself, identical to what the ovary produces during the entire reproduction time;
  • natural: hormonal adversities can be resolved by consuming foods that contain phytoestrogen, for example, soy, flaxseed, blackberry, homeopathic products, in addition to regular physical exercise etc.

Contemplate the benefits of hormone replacement

The female hormone replacement is great ally of women suffering in the period of menopause . See the advantages of doing it:

  • decreases the fire, which are the heat waves that disturb during the day;
  • relieves spikes in night sweats;
  • provides sleep quality, resolving insomnia;
  • acts preventively, preventing bone loss that leads to osteoporosis;
  • eases irritability;
  • prevents depression;
  • slows aging;
  • improves sexual performance, since lubricating the vagina reduces pain during intercourse;
  • decreases the chances of urinary tract infection.

Learn the importance of consulting a specialist doctor

Hormone therapy must be accompanied by a specialist in the field, that is, the gynecologist. For the treatment to happen, it is necessary that the professional is aware of how the hormonal rates are, since there is no ready recipe for this situation.

It is through the results of laboratory tests that the dosage, the way of administration and the time of use of this therapy are established. The evaluation should be carried out at least once a year to check if there is a need to modify the medication to maintain quality of life.

Understand the influence of hormone replacement on quality of life

Treatment with hormone therapy has a very promising impact on the life of the woman who makes this decision. When she is medicated, she starts to have a new lifestyle:

  • elevates self-esteem;
  • I smile more for feeling well-being;
  • you are more willing to do daily activities and exercise;
  • enhances sexual desire;
  • improves the central nervous system, activating memory, for example;
  • intensifies other life perspectives.

Recognizing the need to make female hormone replacement at the right time is crucial to have a life with less discomfort caused by the loss of hormones manufactured by the body. This therapy can restore the woman to a healthy way of life and help her feel satisfaction with her own body, ensuring a dynamic, vigorous and full of quality life in her social environment.


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