Understand what to do to eliminate self-sabotage from your life

What is self-sabotage?

In short, self-sabotage is what the name seems to show: a way to sabotage yourself, acting against what you want and try to achieve.

However, this process does not occur in an explicit or conscious way. Part of what we think, repress and let ourselves be carried away by impulses who come to the fore and put our efforts in check.

Thus, self-sabotage is an even discreet process, and we often do not even realize that we practice it. And many factors can contribute to the emergence of such attitudes, day by day, moving us away from our goals and objectives. Childhood traumas, for example, are among them.

Therefore, before delving deeply into such issues, it is worth noting in your own behaviors and attitudes whether self-sabotage has accompanied you in your routine.

What are the signs that you are self-sabotaging yourself?

Below, we have gathered some of the main characteristics in common among people who live with self-sabotage in their daily decisions, such as:

  • difficulty in recognizing one’s own achievements, even when the compliments and congratulations are sincere;
  • exaggerations in achievements and achievements, which is diametrically opposed to the previous item. Thus, lying self-exaltation is a way to sabotage yourself from the need for approval;
  • fragility that exalts a kind of not deserving of his victories;
  • sense of inferiority and constant comparison with others, even if not in a competitive way;
  • continuous focus on what is missing, not on what already works and can be improved;
  • dread of failing and, for that, has a paralysis of actions, which invariably leads to failure;
  • need for control, because this way it is easier to manipulate the truth and make self-sabotage gradually assume the role of their actions.

So, were you able to identify one or more attitudes that can be very present in your routine? So, let’s see how this can be gradually eliminated from your daily habits?

How to overcome self-sabotage?

Just as self-sabotage appears without warning, but is strengthened through the repetition of defeatist attitudes – such limiting beliefs -, you can exercise good practices that scare away the negativity of your daily life.

And, to help, we’ve put together the best strategies in that direction. Check out what they are, right below!

Understand that it is possible

Yes, it is possible to win, conquer and aim for bigger goals. You can, are capable and have everything at your disposal to obtain positive results.

Do you know what’s missing? You repeat this to yourself, more often. Whenever a negative thought comes to mind, drive it away. The point here is not to populate thoughts with dazzled ideas of positivism, but to think of concretizations.

Why is a promotion in your work not possible? How did your colleagues do it? Get inspired by their attitudes, and translate them into your routine. Taking action is the best way to show your self-sabotage that you can, yes, do whatever you put in your mind as an objective.

Motivate yourself constantly

Complementing what we said in the last topic, do the following: set your goal and always keep it in mind when you wake up and before starting any task associated with it.

With that, you will remember what really matters, and how much that little activity – no matter how small – must be carried out so that you get a little closer to your desire.

Be patient

Self-sabotage is a tough opponent to beat. Pudera, you are facing yourself. So don’t be discouraged if the battle is tough.

Try unsuccessful and try again. Learn from the weaknesses demonstrated in your process of sabotaging yourself, and do it differently next time.

With patience, you understand more about your thoughts and attitudes, which facilitates the habit of preventing these actions from being repeated in the future. You learn to deal with yourself. And this is great!

Count on expert help

Today, many professionals can help you actively work on strategies to end self-sabotage in your routine.

They are people who help you visualize, more precisely, what are the toxic behaviors that keep you from your main goals for 2020 and also the long-term goals.

Thus, it is worth noting which psychologists and psychoanalysts are experts in this area, in addition to the occasional help of a good coach focused on this type of situation.

For you to better understand how this can all be done with your own attitudes, initially, take the time to learn a little more about our CIS Method !

It works as follows: it is 3 days of immersion in which you are guided to take control of your life. For this, your goals are put into practice, in addition to the obstacles (natural and those imposed by you) question the path.

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Take a look at what this course can do for you, helping to eliminate self-sabotage from your goals and the main goals you have set for your life!

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