Ultimate Clash Royale guide, tips and tricks

Clash Royale, the game created by SuperCell, has become a viral phenomenon in recent years. This is characterized by being a real-time multiplayer game based on the universe of the also well-known SuperCell game “Clash of Clans”. In the own words of the game’s creators, Clash Royale consists of “destroying the enemy towers of the king and princesses to defeat your rival, win trophies, chests and crowns and, ultimately, glory in the arena. All while You advance through its different arenas unlocking new characters to expand your army and become the champion of the Clash universe .

In this guide, and during the following pages, we will try to fly over the different aspects that have led Clash Royale to become the phenomenon that is currently reviewing its different characters, decks, strategies and ultimately the keys that will make you true professionals of a day for another. Let us begin.

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Letter types

There are four card types in Clash Royale:

  • Common
  • Specials
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Placing cards consumes Elixir (you start with 5 points) and you will have to get more during your game, to continue placing cards. Obviously, the higher the quality, the more Elixir each card requires.


Tips to always win

Or at least, almost always. We do not guarantee absolute victory, because this is a process of learning and gaining experience, but knowing this will make things easier .

Deck Creation

The part is no longer basic, but essential to be able to play. Clash Royale is a card game and victory depends on the cards in your deck. Creating a decent deck is essential to avoid ridiculous loss:

  • Have several types of units:if you only have land cards, you will be sold against land units, for example. You should aim to have a handful of each type to dynamically flex your attacks.
  • You will always need at least one Giant:Tower cards are a permanent threat, which you can solve with Giant in your deck.
  • Make sure you have cannon fodder:some goblins or skeletons won’t win a war, but they can serve as an escort for other units, or maintain a defensive wall that allows you to reach other of your strongest troops.
  • Control the consumption of Elixir:each card consumes a certain amount of Elixir, so do not put all powerful cards , because they will consume a lot of Elixir and you can see yourself sold by having nothing to draw.
  • Always have a spell card on hand: itnever hurts to launch a fireball that will knock down a few enemy troops or, who knows, turn a critical situation around. For special occasions only, don’t waste it.
  • Develop your own strategy:These deck tips are just basic. Once you advance, you will have your own way to play. Perhaps you are more aggressive, or perhaps you prefer to maintain a defensive line to exhaust the enemy. Modify your deck according to your preferences.

Your first games

Until you understand how the game works, develop your own system, and get the basics for victory, it’s not a bad idea to keep these tips in mind to win a little easier:

  • Defense comes first:Start by creating units that will fall behind. Defensive or just slow. This will help give you time to regenerate Elixir and summon more units that will join the combat, always without leaving you exposed.
  • Always start with cheap cards:your “minions”, the meat of the pipe, the bulk of the troops, can always be a great idea. As strong as the unit the enemy summons is, if it can only spawn one at a time that you summon several, it doesn’t have much to do.
  • Don’t spend too much summoning trash, either: Youwant reinforcement and support units, but not your entire army made up of them. They are often useful for escorting stronger ones or temporarily halting enemy advance, but be aware that a small group of goblins can be instantly wiped out by a shower of arrows, for example.
  • Elusive Maneuvers !:Sending units as a decoy can be a good tactic for enemy units to get distracted and flank the opponent. Be careful, because logically they can do the same to you, because you might leave your troops exposed by accident.
  • Losing towers is not necessarily a bad thing:if enemy units focus on a tower, they will inevitably leave a clear path towards it.
  • Double Elixir:At the last minute, you get double Elixir than the rest of the game. Throw everything you have to overcome or to keep your defenses to the end.

Get new cards and upgrade your deck

As you play, win games, complete trophies, etc. (simply, as you progress), you will be getting new cards and developing your game system. No better crazy cards and save all the money you can .

Joining a Clan is always a good idea. There are special rewards for being part of one. Above all, enter the game every day , if only to collect the constant prizes for connecting. They are not going to demand anything from you.

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And little else, really. It is impossible to tell you how to play, each opponent is different! You will have to continue developing until you reach the top. You have a long way to the Legendary Arena , but if you get here you will undoubtedly be an expert.


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