Ultimate Bloodborne Guide – Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Welcome to our guide to Bloodborne . If there is something for which From Software games are known, and more specifically those belonging to the “Souls” saga, it is because of the great challenge they pose , which usually brings with it a large number of deaths capable of ending the nerves. of the least patients . In addition, they are titles with hardly any tutorials and they trust that users are able to learn their concepts, both basic and advanced, through experimentation.

Bloodborne is no exception , and while that barrier to entry has been considerably softened to make it a much less hostile game for new players. However, thanks to our guide you will find the best order in which to spend the story, the missions, an explanation of the different basic concepts of its gameplay, tips to survive , recommendations to develop and evolve your character in the best possible way and a tutorial on the operation of the online mode, the chalice dungeons, and how to get the different endings of the game.

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Discover with us all the secrets that Yharnam hides , the city where, at nightfall, the bloodiest beasts take to the streets in search of new victims. With our guide you will have everything easier . Or, at least, a little less complicated.


In our Complete Story Guide , we discover how to get from the beginning to the end of the game . From the entrance of Yharnam to the top of its buildings, fighting against all the monsters that populate the place. Will you discover the secret of the ancient blood , and the cure for the curse that hangs over the place?


  • Iosefka Clinic Room: The journey through Yharnam begins. After the blood transfusion, the Hunter sets out to explore the area. Although the thing seems that it will be more complicated than we expected.
  • Hunter’s Dream: You will arrive here the first time you die. A haven of peace amidst all the chaos of Yharnam. Does this place exist? Is it the product of a mind that is above all this? Who knows, but at the moment, he has things that interest us.
  • Yharnam Central: The night begins. Darkness falls on the cursed city and a lone Hunter goes to the streets, with the aim of finding a cure that no one believes is real.
  • Yharnam Sewers: Crossing the city implies that sometimes you will have to cross under the ground. Yharnam sewers are as dangerous a place as the surface.
  • Cathedral District: The Cathedral is one of the most important buildings in Yharnam. On the main ship, something awaits us, but his good intentions have been completely corrupted …
  • The Forbidden Forest: It is time to leave behind the most inhabited area of ​​Yharnam and go to the thicket of the suburbs. Ruins await us beyond the dense forest.
  • Byrgenwerth: Discover what is hidden in Byrgenwerth, ruins with a long history behind them. Hidden in plain sight is a most sinister and dangerous truth.
  • Yahar’gul, the Invisible Village: Yahar’gul is one of the most dangerous places in the game. As it turns out, whether you like it or not, it is mandatory to go through it to get to the bottom of the Yharnam mystery.
  • Second floor of the Lecture Hall: Byrgenwerth scholars did something terribly wrong, and ended up trapped in an alternate world, outside of Yharnam but within it at the same time.
  • Mensis’ Nightmare: Some of Byrgenwerth’s scholars ended up taking refuge in a place that tries to accumulate all the knowledge of the city. But here there is nothing but horror.
  • Game End: Find out how Hunting Night ends in Yharnam. It is time to make the decision that will involve choosing between life, death, or perhaps something that goes beyond …


Lucidity is not a simple indicator on the screen, nor the special currency with which to get certain objects. No, behind this factor is hidden something that can completely change the way you play and enjoy Bloodborne and we tell you everything you need to know about Lucidity .

Optional zones

In Yharnam not everything is so easy to find. Lost somewhere there are villages that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and also, a mysterious carriage awaits the bravest to take them on a strange date in the rooms of a frozen castle . We tell you how to get to all the optional zones and survive the attempt .

  • Iosefka Clinic: The clinic still has a big surprise behind its doors.
  • Old Yharnam: Discover the path that takes you to the ancient city.
  • Hemwick Ossuary Pass: A burial mound full of remains that hides a secret.
  • Nightmare Frontier: The further you get into Yharnam, the less sense it makes.
  • Old Abandoned Workshop: The place where the Ancient Hunters gathered to prepare the missions to carry out at nightfall.
  • Superior Cathedral District: Find out how to get to the Superior Cathedral District, the place where terrible experiments have been conducted.
  • Cainhurst Castle: Getting there will be difficult, but surviving your monsters will not be exactly easy.

All endings

The Hunter’s journey can conclude in many ways. Depending on whether you get some very special objects and the decisions you make at the end of the night, one thing or another will happen. Find out how to see the best ending in the game and how to get the 3 different endings .

Final bosses

No game in the Souls universe would be complete without its good dose of huge and deadly bosses or final bosses . And as usual, it will not be possible to defeat them simply by behaving like a savage and waving a sword. We tell you everything you need to know about the final bosses so that defeating them is not so difficult. Here we show you everything you need to know and how to defeat all the final bosses .

  • Cleric Beast: The Cleric Beast is an optional boss. Possibly, and although it is not mandatory to defeat him to advance in the story, be your first boss and you meet him by chance.
  • Father Gascoigne: An enemy, formerly one of the Hunters of the Church, completely consumed by the infection of the blood. His daughters, it seems, are still alive somewhere in Yharnam.
  • Bloodthirsty Beast: The origins of this creature are uncertain, although there is a theory that it would be a cursed ancient Pthumerian. Be that as it may, it is a very dangerous monster.
  • Vicaria Amelia: The last visible head that the Church of Healing had before the great plague caused by the Old Blood. As such, you are aware of the transformation you will undergo sooner or later.
  • Hemwick Witch: One of Bloodborne’s optional bosses. The witch is known to be gathering eyeballs from the dead, but the end is unclear.
  • Shadow of Yharnam: The living (or at least undead) demonstration that a group of furious monsters can be more dangerous than the largest dragon.
  • Rom, the Empty Spider: Searching for the Unfathomable Truth, something led to the creation of Rom, an artificial Great … with all those searching eyes.
  • Dark Beast Paarl: A mutant capable of lightning control has been installed on the path from Yahar’gul to Old Yharnam.
  • The Reborn: The experiments carried out by the Scholars of Mensis had an effect when trying to contact a Great … but certainly not the expected one.
  • Amygdala: The boss we will face at the end of the optional zone known as the Nightmare Frontier. He is one of the Great Responsible for the situation in Yharnam.
  • Micolash: Micolash differs from other bosses in that, in reality, he is nothing more than a normal enemy with a lot of life, nothing more.
  • Martyr Logarius: Logarius, came to Cainhurst Castle and has the queen cornered, but for some reason he is unable to find the throne room in which he hides.
  • Nurse of Mergo: This is a very easy boss to defeat. Its main enemy is its size.
  • Celestial Emissary: A monstrosity that shouldn’t exist and needs to be removed even though it appears to have a message from the stars.
  • Ebrietas: The inhabitants of Yharnam found “something” in the deep ruins under the city. A big.
  • Gherman the First Hunter: The First Hunter, creator of the base of all Cheat Weapons in the group. A Great One keeps him tied, against his will, to the Hunter’s Dream.
  • Moon Presence: (SPOILER) The Moon Presence has had the First Hunter tied to Yharnam for many years, and is now looking for a substitute.
  • Pthumeria Queen: Yharnam, the Pthumeria queen, is the sovereign of the race that lived in the city that now bears her name.

New Game +

Can you continue playing after defeating the final boss? Does the next game start automatically? Do I start from scratch, or do I keep my level and weapons? All this and much more we will tell you in this section , so that you do not have the slightest doubt about it. All about Nueva Partida + .

Characters and side quests

There are still some sane people around the city at nightfall . While many actually have hidden plans they’ll try to get you involved in, not all of them are necessarily bad. Also, many have juicy and interesting rewards to offer you if you spend some time with them.

In addition there are a good number of side missions that we can do as we move through the streets of this dangerous town. Since doing them all without help is almost impossible, we tell you everything you need to know so that you don’t leave any of them unfinished . Everything about the game characters and their side quests .

  • Gilbert :The first of the inhabitants of Yharnam. He has a few things for us, but like most, the poor man most likely won’t make it to the end of the night.
  • Arianna :Some of the characters in the game are more dominated by night than others. There are even those that could be the point of origin of a possible future evil.
  • Eileen :The Raven Slayer is in Yharnam with a very clear objective. She is responsible for putting in place those who have lost their way and have gone mad.
  • Iosefka :A nurse trying to survive in Yharnam. The problem is that, perhaps, there is something far beyond what we see.
  • Djura :Djura, an extremely dangerous hunter who considers it his duty to protect Old Yharnam …
  • Alfred :In Yharnam, in addition to Hunters, there are a kind of divine soldiers who seek to destroy the Bloodbloods. Hidden under the cloak of justice, they are as cruel as what they hate.
  • Annalize :The Queen of Cainhurst Castle, last known leader of the Bloodblood and Yharnam nobility.
  • Adella :A nun from the old Church. Her experiences have made her suspicious, but her fantasy remains intact.
  • Lonely old woman :A character whose age has made her a somewhat unpleasant lady.
  • Mistrustful Man :A most mistrustful type with Hunters. And with a very bad idea.
  • Viola and her sister :Two separate sisters try to find each other and the hunter will be able to help them.

Caryll’s Oaths and Runes

Although there are no Covenants as in the Souls saga and they will not have as much effect on our game, the Oaths offer us some advantages that we can take advantage of. We tell you what you need to know in order to unlock any of those that are available just by equipping the Caryll Runes. All about Caryll’s Oaths and Runes .


Hunter Cheat Weapons are one of Yharnam’s great wits. We will help you to get absolutely each and every one of them , as well as the pistols and blunderbuss with which to stop the attack of the enemies, and the tools that will allow us to use special attacks in our combats. All about all weapons .

Caryll Runes

Caryll’s Runes are the accessories we have and will allow us to add special effects to our character: health improvements, greater elemental resistance or even be transformed for a little longer, to finish off enemies sooner.

Bloody Gems

Bloody Gems are inserted into weapons, and provide special effects to weapons that can completely change the way we use our favorite weapon. With a few of these, your little weapons will become real torture tools.

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Ancient Hunters DLC

Gehrman, the First Hunter, led an assault against a small fishing village in Yharnam. Here, from beyond heaven, a being arrived that drove its inhabitants crazy. That ended with the creation of a new Nightmare, which we will have to get into to end the curse at once. Discover everything about the Ancient Hunters DLC

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