Types of vaginal discharge: know how to identify it by its color and texture

There are different types of vaginal discharge, and they should not be confused with the normal discharge from the vagina.

It changes in appearance according to the period of the menstrual cycle and does not indicate any problems to worry about. In this sense, it is important to say that during ovulation, it is normal for the secretion to be more voluminous.

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In addition, it becomes more moist and the day that ovulation is at its peak the secretion takes on the appearance of egg white. Already in the post-ovulation phase, although the mucus remains in greater volume, it is more pasty.

Finally, during menstruation and when it comes to an end, vaginal discharge is more liquid and in small quantities.

Vaginal secretions can change their appearance even if there is an allergy, as in the case of someone who is allergic to condom latex, in this case, it is necessary to use condoms from other non-allergenic materials.

Intimate pads and synthetic fabrics can also cause allergies and change the appearance of secretions, which usually increase in volume.

The change in habits may be enough for the secretion to return to normal, and in these cases it is common even if there is burning and redness of the vagina.

All of this is normal and should not be considered a discharge, which can appear for a number of reasons, from hormonal changes, pregnancy or even illness.

The different types of vaginal discharge are easier to identify according to their color. See which ones to follow and learn to identify the problem quickly.

Types of vaginal discharge and their meanings :

  1. Brown, pink or bloody discharge

When the discharge is brown or pink it is because it has more or less blood. If it is brown it is because the blood is clotted and this is common to occur at the end of menstruation, when it gains the aspect of coffee grounds or can indicate trauma , infections and diseases .

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Therefore, depending on the situation, it may be important to consult the doctor, as diseases and infections usually present other symptoms, such as pain when peeing. Among the infections that may show bloody discharge is gonorrhea , a sexually transmitted disease .

Gynecological cancer , vaginal atrophy (which occurs after menopause) and ectopic pregnancy are diseases that can be signaled with brown discharge. If the discharge is more pink, then it may indicate that the embryo has been implanted in the uterus, that is, it is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy . In that case, there may still be abdominal cramps.

  1. Yellowish or greenish-yellow discharge

Most of the time, when the discharge turns yellowish, which looks like pus, it means that there is an infection , such as trichomoniasis , another sexually transmitted disease . If this is the STD, it is also common for there to be strong vaginal odor , as well as itching and burning in the vagina .

In this case, the discharge can also be yellow-green or grayish.

Gonorrhea and chlamydia are other STDs that can cause discharge with these characteristics. In any case, it is imperative to seek medical help and not have sex until the disease is diagnosed and treated.

  1. White discharge

Although the thin, small amount of white discharge is normal, the same cannot be said when it becomes thicker and grayer, since this condition may indicate candidiasis .

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If so, it is very likely that you will also feel pain and itching in the vagina , but if there is still a strong smell, then it may indicate vaginosis .

Both conditions are infections, the first being caused by fungi and the second by bacteria. Although they are not as serious as other infections, it is best to treat them by seeking medical help.

  1. Pregnancy discharge

One of the symptoms of early pregnancy is bloody discharge, which is usually in small amounts. The most common is to appear between one to two weeks after the egg has been fertilized. It can even be mistaken for the onset of menstruation, since the color of the blood is bright.

In addition, it is normal that during pregnancy the woman has a greater volume of secretion, with a milky appearance and no smell. This happens as a result of increased blood flow in the vaginal area. However, if during pregnancy the woman notices that she has a discharge of a different color from the normal one, she must seek medical help.

The sexually transmitted diseases offer great risk to the baby and therefore the slightest sign of trouble is urgently consult with the expert. If the woman is infected and does not receive adequate treatment, the consequences can be damage to the health of the fetus and even abortion.

Candidiasis , vaginosis and other less serious infections , however, must also be treated, and candidiasis is relatively common in pregnant women. Maintaining the health of your body will guarantee a better formation of the fetus.

Care to avoid discharge

Some simple attitudes associated with a change in habits can end the problem or, at least, reduce the incidence of discharge. Here are some things you can do to take better care of your intimate area :

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  • Do not wear panties or tight pants, as it is best to give preference to cotton garments.
  • Sleep without panties to ventilate the vaginal area.
  • Wash your underwear with little in any fabric softener.
  • Pee after having sex, which helps to clear the urinary tract.
  • Do not spend more than six hours with the same sanitary napkin.
  • Wash the vaginal area with mild soap.
  • Do not wear the daily protectors on your panties every day.
  • Always use a condom when having intimate contact.

With these simple tips you will notice a significant improvement in the vaginal aspect, but be sure to see your gynecologist in case of discharge. Only a laboratory analysis can confirm if there is a disease and what is its ideal treatment.

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