What are the types of photovoltaic self-consumption?

Invoices, leisure, car … We live in a world that is marked by different payments. Currently, we seek to save on multiple aspects and at home , it is where we can make significant discounts.

In this sense, we are not only referring to acquiring cheaper products from the shopping cart or reducing heating consumption . In this aspect, we focus on saving energy through self-consumption photovoltaic panels such as those found in Atersa.shop . However, we must know what it is and the difference between photovoltaic self-consumption panels with and without injection before entering it. In this article we highlight all the details.

What is solar self-consumption?

When we talk about solar self – consumption , we need to know first of all what we are referring to. In this case, when we comment on this concept we refer to the system by which we are generating electrical energy from solar energy to save energy.

To perform the installation of solar self – consumption, we must highlight three key components:

  1. On the one hand, photovoltaic panels, which are responsible for converting solar energy into electricity.
  2. The second factor is solar inverters, which are those that fulfill the function of transforming the direct current from the panels into alternating current.
  3. Finally, we must not forget the batteries, although they are optional . In case we seek to disconnect from the mains, we can use the use of batteries. If we want a self-consumption installation running on a network, we would not have to use batteries.

People who seek to include solar panels for self-consumption in their home, often wonder if shared self-consumption is convenient or include special solar kits for self-consumption in order  to generate energy and reduce costs in the electricity bill. We must emphasize that including this option is the same as that which appears in other projects of a larger size.

The same solar panels are used both for a photovoltaic installation for self-consumption and for one connected to the network and its operation is the same. For a solar self-consumption installation , high efficiency solar panels are used in the case of homes .

However, for the industries there are some differences . In the event that the ship’s fabric does not have space problems, polycrystalline models are installed , although it is important to note that greater benefits will be obtained in case of monocrystalline solar panels . In this case, people end up deciding on the first option based on price.

What are the modalities of solar self-consumption?

Once we have explained what solar self-consumption consists of , we will explain what the modalities of solar self-consumption are.

First, we highlight that there are different self-consumption kits . The first of these are the solar self-consumption facilities with zero injection , and the other is the solar self-consumption facilities pouring into the network.

The use of zero injection systems in self-consumption photovoltaic installations is one of the choices that most doubts create among professionals in the sector. The self-consumption installation connected to the network has solar panels, wiring, a photovoltaic inverter and also a zero injection device, although this last element is optional. In this case, the zero injection device is intended to prevent the spillage of energy in the electricity grid , but as we say it is not mandatory to use it.

We must emphasize that for the self-consumption facilities, the discharge of the energy generated to the network is legal in Spain. In addition to this, we must emphasize that it is possible that this type of system may harm its consumers . Currently, analyzes of the collected hourly curves of the meters in the facility are being carried out. Of these records, a net balance is established between the energy that has been produced and the one consumed on an hourly basis.

This situation implies relevant problems , since within the same hour, we can count on pouring moments and moments in which it does not exist and at the end of that hour a balance is established. A zero injection system acts instantaneously, while the Royal Self-Consumption Decree sets a net balance or hourly balances.

In this way, there will be hours in which having such a system hurts us by reducing the amount of energy we can use. With this, taking as reference the energy efficiency of a photovoltaic system, it is not advisable to install anti-aging solutions because in this way, we will use a lower amount of energy.

Now that we know what solar self-consumption consists of , what are the existing modalities and which is the most recommended, it is time to choose the option that best suits our needs to save energy and be reflected in the reduction of The electricity bills.


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