10 Types of Receiver In Communication

Types of Receiver In Communication. In communication systems, receivers are devices or entities that receive and process the transmitted signals or messages sent by the sender. They play a crucial role in the communication process by decoding the received information and presenting it in a usable form for the intended recipient.

Here Are Types of Receiver In Communication.

  1. Radio Receiver: Used to receive radio frequency (RF) signals, such as those transmitted by AM, FM, or digital radio stations.
  2. Television Receiver: Receives and processes television signals, allowing viewers to watch TV programs and broadcasts.
  3. Satellite Receiver: Used to receive signals from communication satellites, providing access to satellite TV, radio, and other services.
  4. Optical Receiver: In fiber-optic communication systems, this receiver converts optical signals into electrical signals for further processing.
  5. GPS Receiver: Used in Global Positioning System (GPS) devices to receive satellite signals and determine the user’s geographical location.
  6. Bluetooth Receiver: Receives and processes Bluetooth signals, enabling devices to connect and communicate wirelessly.
  7. Wi-Fi Receiver: Used in devices like smartphones, laptops, and routers to receive and decode Wi-Fi signals for internet connectivity.
  8. Infrared Receiver: Receives infrared signals, commonly used in remote controls for TVs, DVD players, and other electronic devices.
  9. Cellular Receiver: Found in mobile phones and other cellular devices to receive signals from cell towers and enable voice calls and data communication.
  10. RFID Reader: Acts as a receiver in radio-frequency identification (RFID) systems, capturing data from RFID tags attached to objects for identification and tracking purposes.

Each type of receiver is designed to work with specific communication technologies and signals, allowing us to access a wide range of information and services in our daily lives.


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