100 Types of dolphins For Dolphins Lovers

Types of dolphins.The dolphins are mammals of the order Cetacea that inhabit the seas . Depending on their characteristics, they can measure between 2 and 9 meters. There are 34 species . They are named below, and the most representative of them are described.

100 Types of dolphins For Dolphins Lovers

100 Types of dolphins For Dolphins Lovers.

  • Chilean or black dolphin: measures about 1.65 cm. They are large, torpedo-shaped . They do not have a beak or melon, a lipid anatomical structure of the head with echolocation functions With small fins, they have a white belly and neck, and the rest of the body in different shades of gray. They inhabit the Pacific Ocean in the southern region of Chile.
  • Pio Dolphin: this species of dolphin usually measures around 1.45 meters in length. Its body is black and white and its fins are wide. It inhabits the waters of the Atlantic Ocean on the Argentine shelf, including the coasts of the Malvinas Islands.
  • Heaviside dolphin: these specimens rarely exceed 1.80 meters in length. They present a combination of two shades of gray, one light and the other dark, and white. It is located on the coasts of Namibia and southern Africa .
  • Broad-headed dolphin: located in the New Zealand seas, it has a length of between 1.2 and 1.6 meters . They are light gray in color, with dark gray bands that run longitudinally.
  • Coastal common dolphin: its length ranges between 1.9 and 2.5 meters. The dorsal region is dark, while the belly is white, with a light gray stripe on each flank. His face is sharp and each jaw has 50 small teeth . It is widely distributed throughout the world: it can be found on the coasts of South America, Africa, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, California, Mexico, Somalia, China and Indonesia.
  • Oceanic common dolphin: its physical appearance is very similar to that of the coastal common dolphin. They differ in that the oceanic has a shorter peak and a greater extent in length. It has been identified in all oceans of tropical temperatures.
  • Pygmykiller whale : it gets its name from the physical resemblance it has with killer whales. Its slender body, about 1.50 meters in length, can be black or gray and has a longitudinal groove that houses the navel, the genitals and the anus. Their habits are more violent than those of the other species. It is a predator of many marine animals. It inhabits the tropical and subtropical waters of the entire planet.
  • Short-finned pilot whale: its dark gray body with white spots in the ventral region, easily exceeds 6 meters in length. It has a large melon that guarantees echolocation. It is widely distributed: it is found in the waters of all oceans between 41º South and 45º North latitude.

(Short-finned pilot whale)

  • Pilotwhale : it has longer fins than the short-finned pilot whale and a diagonal white stripe behind each eye, which stands out on its dark gray or black body. They are generally between 6 and 7.6 meters in length. They present a prominent melon. It develops its habitat in temperate and sub-arctic waters of both hemispheres .
  • Gray dolphin: they measure between 3.2 and 4.3 meters long. Although its surface is gray, the presence of a large number of scars makes it appear white from a distance. They have a large melon divided in two by a small groove. It is possible to identify it in almost all the coasts of the world.

Other dolphins

  • Fraser’s dolphin.
  • Atlantic dolphin: they are characterized by a very particular mixture of white, black and blue colors . They were spotted in cold waters of the North Atlantic.
  • White-nosed dolphin.
  • Antarctic dolphin.
  • Crossed dolphin: its body, no more than 1.80 meters, is black with white spots on the flanks. They are found in the Antarctic region.
  • Pacific white-sided dolphin.
  • Dark dolphin.
  • Finless northern dolphin: with its more than 3 meters in length, it is characterized by not having a dorsal fin . They are black with a white spot towards the ventral.

(Northern finless dolphin)

  • Southern dolphin without fin.
  • Beluga dolphin.
  • Orca common:these are immense specimens, between 8 and 9 meters long, black towards the dorsal and white on the ventral . They have a long dorsal fin and two characteristic white spots on the head. They thrive in all the world’s oceans.
  • Melon-headed dolphin.
  • Tucuxi dolphin.
  • Coastal dolphin.
  • Atlantic gibbous dolphin.
  • Hong Kong pink dolphin.
  • Tropical spotted dolphin.
  • Striped dolphin.
  • Atlantic spotted dolphin.
  • Long-nosed dolphin:also known as “spinner dolphin”, it inhabits tropical seas around the world and is characterized by its ability to rotate on its own axis in the air. 
  • Narrow-snouted dolphin: itis the most common species of all due to its intelligence and socialization . Gray in color , they inhabit the warm and temperate seas of the entire planet.

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