10 Types of Column in Newspaper You Must Read

Explore the various types of columns found in newspapers and their significance in the world of journalism.

Now a days ‘columns’ have become representatives of columnists’ personal ideas, view and feelings. The views of columnists are in harmony with the policy of the newspaper. But this is not always necessary, as we often see two columnists expressing contradicting views on the same page.

Some of these columnists write humorously, some are satirical in their approach, some recall their memories, others present their ideas and views in context with historic incidents and yet others convey their views to the readers by referring to their own observations and experiments.

Types of Column in Newspaper You Must Read

Personal Editorial Column

The personal editorial column or the essay column is representative of personal opinion of the columnist. But it is not the only aspect of the story as he has to be accurate and, precise while giving facts. Generally events of current interest are discussed in these columns.

Some famous columnists writing personal editorial columns in Pakistan are Doris Flesson, Z A Sulehri, Munoo Bahr, Nazir Naji etc.

Round-About Town Columns

The round-about town department or gossip consists of a budget of gossipy items collected by the columnists for their human interest value. These are written to satisfy the desire of readers to get ‘behind the scene glimpses’ of happening

Humorous Column of Colyum

The humorous column or colyum is most frequently a light version of editorial paragraph, epigrams, gags, humorous and sentimental verse, wiser cracks, puns, verbal and typo-graphical, vestpocket essays etc., the product of the colyum conductor (columnist) and his “contribs” (contributor).

Column and Today’s Journalism

Personal Journalism of today finds its most extensive expression through the medium of column The creation of a good column is at one the same time both an art and a technique of journalistic world. Thus personal journalism is found at its best in the form of a column.

A columnist’s byline rs his trade name and this name is as important as the title which happens to be given to the column he writes. No other form of journalism has a more personal appeal, a more authoritative influence and a more useful contribution to disseminate news and views, whether its purpose is to inform, to influence or to entertain

The world ‘column’ and ‘columnist’ are interpreted by different people in different ways despite the general categorical classifications which have been adopted for the convenience of description. Another important thing in this regard is that some columns do not fall into any single class. They have confused boundaries.

Column Ads

Column ads are placed in special columns and consist of text and images. This type of advertisement is larger than classified ads and is more attractive because it is equipped with images.Because there are images and large ad sizes, the rates for placing column ads are more expensive than classified ads.
Column ads  are an advertising technique in the form of advertisements.
Unlike classified ads, column ads contain graphics or images, in addition to of course writing that explains the product or service being advertised. In general, examples of column ads generally contain titles, product names/content, descriptive sentences, and contacts, accompanied by images or graphics. In terms of size, column ads do not have rigid standards.

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