Who are the two witnesses in the book of Revelation?

The two witnesses are two prophets who will appear in the end times and perform great miracles. They will testify of God and no one can stop them until the beast comes. The two witnesses will upset the nations with their message.

Revelation 11: 3 talks about two witnesses who will appear and prophesy for 1260 days (fences of three and a half years), dressed in sackcloth, the traditional clothing of mourning from the times of the Bible. They will have the power to send plagues, stop raining and destroy their enemies.

After they have finished their work, the beast of Revelation will come and kill the two witnesses. Their bodies will be exposed in Jerusalem and people will be happy, because the witnesses had caused a lot of torment ( Revelation 11: 8-10 ). But after three and a half days God will make them live again and everyone will be terrified.

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The two witnesses will be taken to heaven in a cloud before the eyes of their enemies ( Revelation 11: 11-12 ). An earthquake will shake the city and 7000 people will die. Survivors will be filled with fear at this event.

Who are the two witnesses? When will they appear?

The Bible does not say who the two witnesses are. It just says what they are going to do when they are revealed. They will probably appear just before the beast, which will kill them. We don’t know when that will be. This is a mystery that has not yet been revealed.

From the description, it appears that the two witnesses are two flesh and blood people . They make signs like the Old Testament prophets and testify of Jesus ( Revelation 11: 6 ). But the Bible does not say that they are Old Testament prophets who have come back to life. The Bible says that the dead do not return to earth.

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Revelation 11: 4 says that the two witnesses are two olive trees and two chandeliers that stand before the Lord. The oil comes from the fruit of the olive tree and the chandelier represents the light of God’s presence. The two witnesses will be two people anointed by God to testify of His glory to the world . The olive tree also symbolizes productivity. The ministry of the two witnesses will have a big impact.

The comparison with olive trees also parallels the prophecy of Zechariah 4: 1-3 . In this vision, the prophet Zacharias saw two olive trees next to the temple’s chandelier, supplying the oil to keep it lit. When Zechariah asked the angel what the vision meant, he told him that the olive trees represented two men chosen to serve God ( Zechariah 4: 12-14 ).

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When the two witnesses appear, their ministry will be known throughout the world. As two people famous for pesting and preventing rain have yet to appear, the two witnesses have probably not yet been sent.

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