Twitch, how to be successful?

Twitch is a livestreaming platform owned by Amazon that was launched in 2011 as a spin-off of the Justin Tv platform.The site was created to broadcast live gaming sessions and is also the industry leader in the broadcasting of eSports .In recent years Twitch has become famous not only for live gaming, but there are a variety of topics.

How to get started?

To open a Twitch channel, you need to organize yourself with the right equipment, have goals for your channel and be creative to entertain your audience.

Twitch Live Equipment

To broadcast good quality live we need three basic requirements: high system and connection performance, webcam and a good microphone.

Twitch needs an additional program to be able to broadcast the streams and therefore the streamer will need sufficient computing power to be able to go live.

You can make a stream even without referring to a person, but the use of a webcam is recommended. There are few successful live shows where the streamer does not show himself to the public.

Revealing your emotions in real time can become a plus for your channel and start building a personal community.

Image quality is definitely a good place to start, particularly when it comes to video games, but without good audio you lose points.

It is not so rare to hear background music during a stream, so it is recommended to purchase an external audio source that can be found online for a few euros.

Start having the first followers

The hardest part is to create the first followers of your community.

So assuming good image and audio quality, let’s go live!

A strong point is certainly to create your own character, try to be creative and not copy other people, a user must benefit from your direct.

Especially in the beginning, try to keep users watching you for at least three minutes.

Why just 3 minutes?

If the user stays connected for 3 minutes, Twitch’s algorithm considers him a viewer, a study has shown that the follow is put based on the first minutes of viewing.

Keep in mind that most users rely mainly on image quality, number of viewers and the title of the live.

Increase your followers

At this point, it’s time to increase your followers.

The Twitch algorithm rewards streamers with more audiences, so the first tip is to “pamper” the first subscribers to always have viewers in your live.

Then create a plan for your live shows trying to always keep the same start time, just like a show to watch on TV.

Focus on the user experience, that is, when new users start to arrive, engage them, answer the questions they will ask you in chat and entertain them both for the 3-minute speech and to get the follow.

The user who does not see interest from you will move on to another live.

Create events or join events with other streamers who will in turn advertise your channel with their community.

By now the use of social networks is so widespread that it will be easy to get other followers through your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profiles.

Methods of earning on Twitch

Twitch’s first form of monetization is subscribing to your own channel.

In the case of an affiliate streamer, if he receives a subscription from a user who buys a package, he will get 50% of the package.

The platform requires a hard commitment on the part of the streamer, in fact it will only give affiliation to those who have broadcast at least 500 total minutes in the last 30 days, have at least 7 days of unique broadcasts in the last 30 days, have an average of 3 or more viewers simultaneous in the last 30 days, has more than 50 followers following the channel.

Fans buy bits to support any channel, so the streamer will earn for every bit donated.

Another profit are certainly the advertisements that are inserted in the direct, and that are shown to users who have not yet purchased any package.


Becoming a successful streamer is very difficult, but not impossible!

You have to spend a lot of time on the platform and take care of every detail to try to involve a large number of viewers.

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