How to do twisted business in small capital

For those who are looking for a profitable business with a small amount of capital, there is a twisted business. Along with rice, peanuts are known to people as aromatic foods. After harvesting new paddy in the countryside every season , as well as making batter , the fumes for grouting , grinding and roasting. The effect is seen in the village as well as in the city. The village house is used as a rag for guests.

Iphatarite turnover during Ramadan , Chira known as a popular meal. At a much lower time and at a lower cost , a twisted , agile business can be started. In Bangladesh, small and large people are in demand for aromas and pears as a mouthwatering food. Rice as a substitute for rice , there is a lot of demand for pie. In most cases, jaggery and pestle are mixed with jaggery.

Why start a twisted business?

Starting a business with a small capital can earn a lot of money. It is a lucrative business. Any entrepreneur who starts this business can be self-reliant. Pea and pomegranate moa are known to be a popular food for everyone. The taste of the meal is different by mixing twist and shrimp with mango kettle.

Mow and rag moa are good for many days, it is possible to earn a lot of money by selling them directly by ferry. Women in rural areas can also earn a living by starting this business. In addition to the grocery stores, radish and pineapple can be supplied.

Where to start a twisted business

It is good to start this business in a place where transportation is good and people are moving. This business can be started in the market or in a small shop near the market. You can start this business at home if you want.

How to start a twisted business

This business can be started very simply. First, the rice should be mixed with a little water and salt. Then fry the rice with sand in the pot on the stove. Then pour it into a hot bucket with an iron sieve and shake it. Frying is done through machines. Rice should be soaked in water one day before frying. Then slices are made on the machine. In this way the work of roasting and grinding can be started.

How much can a potential investment take

It does not require much money to start a twisted business. This business can be started by investing capital from Tk.

How to market

Many delicious dishes can be made and sold in the market with a twist and shrimp. Various dishes made of radish and pestle can also be provided at Mega Shop. Currently also available at Chira Sweet Shop. All people are consumers of these products.

Potential Income

Even if you do not earn a lot of money by starting a small business, you can earn up to Rs. If you have direct access to shops in the city, more can be sold. This business is small to see, but the risk is low, so if you want to become a new business start today.

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