TT2120 model: what it is and how to fill it out

The TT2120 model is one of the forms to be signed by those who buy a vehicle in the transfer of ownership : here’s how to fill it in, and what it’s for.

TT2120 model: how to fill in

The TT2120 model is a form to be filled in and delivered to the agency to complete the transfer of car ownership.

The data necessary for its correct compilation are the following:

  1. place and date of birth
  2. residence and nationality
  3. owner or legal representative with any company name and registered office
  4. make of the car, with the chassis and intended use
  5. vehicle license plate
  6. consulting firm to which the assignment has been assigned

How is it completed? Easy, just enter all the required data, sign it and finally add a valid identification document: you can use an identity card, passport or driving license.

TT2120 model: what is it for

Where to find the TT2120 model? This is not a difficult problem to solve: in fact, you can simply request it directly from the Agency.

If, on the other hand, you want to do it yourself, so that you are ready, download it for free from the Motorist’s Portal : in this case you just need to connect to the site to get it, then you just have to fill it in with your data and attach your Identity Card.

But what is this sheet really for? The TT2120 form must be attached to the TT2119 model to certify the assignment of the assignment to the car practices agency, such as in the transfer of ownership, but also for the naturalization of a vehicle.

An important tip: it is essential to contact an automotive consultancy firm duly authorized by Law no. 264 of 8 August 1991. In fact, for the regular exercise of the activity both the specific authorization of the Province and the certificate of professional suitability for consultancy are required, obtained after a test and payment of the fees by the Directorate General of the Motorization .


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