Tsushima ghost | How to get more arrows and Kunai

Knowing how to get more arrows and kunai in Ghost of Tsushima will keep you well armed for those long range encounters. There’s nothing worse than climbing to a good vantage point, ready to take down enemy scouts with some well-placed headshots, only to find you have a bow but no arrow! So you have to crawl again, ashamed of your lack of organization. Thankfully, it’s easy to get more arrows and kunai when you know where to shop. Here are the locations of the arrows and kunai in Ghost of Tsushima.

How to get more arrows and kunai in Ghost of Tsushima

To get more arrows and kunai in Ghost of Tsushima, you either want to buy them from a Trapper or find them in the environment.

Trappers can be located in most major cities and can therefore be easily reached quickly. If you even have arrows, kunai, or other important equipment, go to a Trapper and stock up. Hover your mouse over a fast travel location on the map to view the merchants located there. Once you’ve spotted a Trapper, go ahead and refill your stash.

Of course, you can also get arrows and kunai just by looking for the environment. Arrows are easily found around enemy camps, while kunai regularly drop from sent enemies.

If you see an enemy with orange powder floating around them, go to them and press the “R2” prompt to collect what they dropped.

You can increase the drop rates for useful resources by equipping certain charms, so look for those.

If you’re struggling to find more arrows and kunai, you might also benefit from our guide on how to observe leaders. Observing early will allow you to learn more locations faster, making you a formidable opponent for multiple types of enemies.


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