True Mantras of Jesus Christ: Words and Sermons

Know the mantras that turn your body! What is the mantra of Jesus Christ that turned the world over? Where does Jesus come from? Who is this Jesus – some Satguru, teacher or son of God? Let’s know the truth of the biblical Jesus!

Mantras that turn your body around

Yes… the true mantra of Jesus Christ… !!!

The mantras that still give this world the highest position…

The mantras that have turned the body of this world…

The mantra that changed the lives of the people of this world…

We find these mantras in the Holy Scriptures , and there are many of them, but here we will try to know only a few of them.

Prayer of jesus christ

This is how Jesus Christ prayed:

“Our Father, you who are in heaven ; May your name be considered holy. ”

“Come to your kingdom.” Let your wish be done in heaven , as it is on earth. ”

“Give us our day’s bread today.”

“And just as we have forgiven our wrongdoers, so also you forgive our crimes.”

“And do not bring us to the test, but save us from evil.”

In every verse of this prayer we saw that Jesus Christ is pleading with his Father God for something. He is praying that the kingdom of God should come to earth which is a kingdom of peace and love. He prays that God, like a father, gives us our daily bread for the children and forgives our sins or wrongdoings. It also prays to God to protect us from evil and not to be tempted.

Jesus a teacher or master

We can see Jesus Christ as a teacher or teacher teaching us prayers or mantras. Raja Ram Mohan Roy wrote something about Jesus Christ in one of his articles – “… Jesus Christ is truly the lord of truth and the spiritual / spiritual master of the world….” On 5 September, former President of India S.K. We celebrate Teachers’ Day on Radhakrishnan’s birthday. He said about Jesus Christ that he is an ideal teacher.

Jesus made us face us with the fact that God is our father and he loves us .

Jesus Christ – God the Son

Jesus Christ forgives the sins of the people while in the world. We know that whatever wrongdoing we do, it is a sin in the eyes of God. Jesus forgives our sins, which shows that he is God. Jesus also freed people from diseases and diseases, healed them. Just as the son of man is a man, just as the son of God, God… we can understand this more well in the Holy Scriptures Bible.

If indeed Jesus Christ is the Satguru and God, then what did he teach or learn about living life and dealing with people in society?

After all, how will people be able to live in a society with love and peace?

  1. Jesus said that if we are angry with our brother, we will receive the same punishment as a murderer.
  2. According to Jesus, if we look at a woman from the wrong side, we will be called adulterers.
  3. They forbade us to take oath because nothing in this life is under our control.
  4. On the basis of non-violence, on which India got independence, it was on this matter of Jesus Christ that if someone slaps us on one cheek, then we also turn our other cheek in front of him.
  5. Jesus Christ is the only person in the history of the world who taught us to love our enemies .
  6. Jesus Christ said that we should not do good work like charity but do it secretly.
  7. Before imposing any blame on others, Jesus Christ learned to see his guilt.

Two golden sermons of jesus christ

  1. Love your father God with all your heart and love and love your neighbor as much as you do yourself.
  2. Treat others the way you want them to treat you.

You will find many more such teachings, teachings, words or mantras in the Holy Scriptures Bible. If you are interested in this, then chat with us.



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