Who does not have among his friends or family someone with a piercing in the nose, lip, or more than one hole in the ears? And it is that wearing piercings has long ceased to be a fashion or a trend to become something very common. However, the fact that this practice is common does not mean that it carries any risk, such as the area becoming infected. To avoid this painful situation, it is best to know how to care for and clean your piercings .

Today we share with you some tricks.

First care of the piercing

If you just had a piercing , you will notice that the area becomes inflamed and takes on a reddish tone. Don’t worry, it’s normal. Of course, it is at this time when you have to take extreme care so that it does not get infected. To do this, what should you have in the medicine cabinet ?

  • All the experts say that the best advice to avoid the infection of a newly worn earring is to touch it with hands that are well cleaned with soap and water.
  • The normal thing is that with the passage of the days small scabs appear, a sign of its correct healing . To remove them, it is best to use a cotton swab moistened with water. It is not about pulling them off, but about softening them so that they come off on their own.
  • Once achieved, the time has come to wash the area. To do this, use neutral soap and rinse with plenty of water.
  • Next, it is time to spray the area with physiological saline , which will contribute to a much more thorough cleaning. It is important that you move the earring so that the liquid penetrates through the hole.
  • Now, it’s the turn of the drying. To do this, the most aseptic way to achieve this is by using a sterile gauze or another swab, this time dry. Never use a towel or even a cotton ball, as you would run the risk of a microbe coming into contact with the incision.
  • During the days that your piercing has scabs, you should not remove the earring. You can only change the model when the wound is well healed.

It is also not advisable to wear tight clothing during these first moments, since you could get the earring to tear when hooking it.

Tips according to the area where the piercing is

In addition to these cares, there are some tips to keep in mind depending on the area in which the earring is located, like this:

  • If your earring is in the eyebrow or nose:  avoid putting on makeup or putting on the cream in these areas, because the infection if you do this is practically guaranteed.
  • If it is on the lips, tongue or genitals:  no oral sex or sexual intercourse during the healing time.

What if it has been infected?

If despite the previous care, you perceive that the area hurts more than normal, or it is more inflamed or the redness is increasing, it is possible that the piercing has become infected. To do this, it is best that you go to a doctor to assess the situation and prescribe a good disinfectant . What you should never do is use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, as according to dermatologists this could delay healing.

And now that you have your piercing clean and cared for , you can focus on wearing the earring that you like the most. But what if it is a gold one? Do not worry, because below we explain how you should clean the gold jewelry so that it is shiny . Take note!


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