Trick to send WhatsApp messages to a number not saved in the phonebook

Although the messaging app is undoubtedly the most used in much of the world to communicate with our family and friends, the truth is that many users are still missing certain functions in WhatsApp. One of them is that it allows you to send messages to any phone number, that is, to be able to send messages to a phone number even if we do not have it saved among our contacts. If you are one of those who think that this function should be included in the famous app, we will tell you how to send WhatsApp messages to a number without adding it to your contacts  in a simple way.

Until relatively recently it was not possible to start a conversation with them without first registering them in the diary, but now it is possible. Thanks to the popularity of WhatsApp and the fact that many companies decided to include the service as a customer service channel, those responsible for the service created a method to place a link on any website and start a conversation, something that you can use whenever you need and without having a website.

Link to a number

There are some stores or companies you can find a contact form with a link on their website. This option is the fastest to send WhatsApp messages to a number without adding it. Automatically in the contact section of the page you can see a WhatsApp number through a link. If you tap on the link in the computer’s browser, it will automatically take you to WhatsApp Web (if you are logged in and linked to your mobile phone) and from here you can talk to that company. It is increasingly common to have a customer service section through the messaging app and we simply have to click on the link and it will ask us for permission to open WhatsApp Web as you can see in the screenshot below.

Start WhatsApp chat without saving the number

The best thing about this method is that it is compatible with Android, with iPhone and also with WhatsApp Web . In addition, they are all tools provided by WhatsApp so it is not necessary to use any modified application or strange software. Thanks to this there is no risk of account suspension or similar.

Specifically, these are the steps we must follow:

  • We open the browser on our mobile.
  • We write the url

Where PP we must replace it with the country code of the phone number. 34 in the case of Spain

Where it says NNNNNNNNN we must replace it with the telephone number to which we want to send the message without having to add it to our contact list.

That is, following the previous steps we would have an example like:

Once you have it copied to your smartphone (you can also use it on your computer if you use WhatsApp Web ) paste it in your favorite browser and before accessing it, remember to modify the NNNNNNNNN at the end of the URL to the phone number you want send a message preceded by the country code (PP) (for example, if you are going to write to a number in Spain you must enter 34 followed by the phone number.

When you have it, access the URL and a website owned by WhatsApp will load. In it, it will ask you if you really want to start a conversation with that phone number and if you confirm it, the WhatsApp app (or WhatsApp Web in case you are doing it from a computer) will automatically open with the chat window to that open phone number.

At this point you just have to write the message and send it as you would in any conversation. Until you delete it completely or archive it, it will remain open and you will always have it available in the chat list to send new messages to the phone number in question.

Apps to send WhatsApp to unsaved numbers

We can also find certain applications that provide us with the option of sending messages to phone numbers that we do not have in our contacts and without having to add them to the phonebook. Two of the most popular and used are WhatsDirect and Direct Message for WhatsApp.

In this way, with any of the apps installed on our mobile, we will not have to make use of the API of the famous app, which requires us to remember the url, have it saved in favorites or have to also use the browser.

The operation of both apps is very similar as we show below. In the case of WhatsDirect, the first thing we have to do is install the app on our mobile and once this is done:

  • We open the app on the device.
  • We select the country code .
  • We write the phone number that we do not have in the agenda and to which we want to send the message.
  • We write the message .
  • Click on the Send button .
  • The messaging app will open with the chat created with that phone number and the written message.
  • All we have to do is press to send the message from WhatsApp.

In the case of Direct Message the process is very similar. Once the app is installed on our phone, these are the steps to follow to send WhatsApp messages to a number without having to add it to our contacts:

  • We open the app on the mobile.
  • We choose the country code .
  • We write the phone number to which we want to send the messages.
  • We press the Message on WhatsApp button .
  • The chat of the messaging app will automatically open with that phone number without having to add it to the agenda and we will be able to chat normally.

Both applications are available for devices with Android operating system, but if we have an iPhone, we can find an alternative called Whats Direct Chat in the app store of the Apple platform . A tool that, as in the previous ones, all we have to do is choose the country code, indicate the phone number and write the message that we want to send so that a chat will be opened on WhatsApp with that number, although not we have between our contacts.


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