Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Guide, Cheats & Tips

No More Heroes was going to be a punctual game, but the good sales made Suda51 (and Ubisoft) dare to create the second part. This second part, unfortunately, did not sell as well, and the thing stayed there. Now, nine years later, Travis returns with a spin-off , a minor adventure that helps us continue his story as we await the arrival of No More Heroes 3.

The story so far

Several years after the second game, Travis is gone in the middle of nowhere in a caravan, already retired from action. He is enjoying life, with his cat Jeane and video games like Hotline Miami . But peace does not last long. Bad Man, the father of Bad Girl (who fans of the saga will remember), returns in search of revenge and tries to kill Travis .

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During the fight, something happens, and the Death Drive Mk II (Travis’s console) cables run through and absorbs both into a world of video games . The Death Drive Mk II works with some strange games in the form of a sphere, and there are six legendary Death Balls that, if played, will fulfill the wish of those who complete them. Bad Man and Travis have no choice but to join forces and try to get them.

Differences between ‘Travis Stikes Again’ and the main installments of ‘No More Heroes’

As you know, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is not a main installment, but a kind of spin-off with a much smaller budget, more typical of an indie . This implies several changes and differences with respect to the main deliveries , No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle . We tell you.


The camera is fixed

Now, we can no longer control the camera . It usually follows us from an aerial perspective, but there are also levels where it will become lateral (like a classic beat ’em up game ) or, at very specific moments, it will be behind the character.

Mini games are required

Unlike previous installments, in which mini-games were optional activities to earn money, they are mandatory here. Being absorbed by Death Drive Mk II, we have to be inside the games and complete them yes or yes.

Combat becomes focus on skills

Although hitting katanazo is still the main thing, now we are going to have a series of skills that we have that we can customize , both for Travis and Bad Man. These are unlocked as we progress and we can assign them to different buttons from the pause menu.

We level up in a traditional way

To level up, we don’t have to go to the gym now. Simply by fighting we will get points and, in the pause menu, we can assign them to the character we want to level up .

Levels are made to be replayed

In addition to having various secrets (detailed in another entry in the guide), the levels can be completed at various levels of difficulty and with different ranges . Obviously, you don’t need to replay them, but it does extend the length of the game.

Can be played cooperatively

Almost the whole adventure can be played cooperatively, and we say almost because there are some minigames that do not allow it, and it is somewhat annoying . That is, you may be enjoying the game with a friend and, suddenly, a minigame arrives and your friend has to see how you play it.

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You can choose character

At any point in the game, you can choose whether you want to play Travis or Bad Man , and even some of the previously mentioned skills are unique to each character. If you play cooperatively, you can also choose which character you want each to control.


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