Train, or not train, that is the question

Many companies owe their success to the performance of their employees; they are, in many cases – or in most cases – in charge of the processes and procedures that require attention to detail and that promote successful business growth and development.

Just as they can be a key part of the organization, they can become a bottleneck that stops growth and breaks down the internal machinery of the organization. What does this depend on, which way will the balance tip?

There are factors such as motivation and experience that can be key in this process, however, one of the important topics that is continually relegated for budgetary reasons or for lack of knowledge is: training.

If employees do not have the proper education and training, they will not be able to develop the necessary set of skills to carry out their tasks, acquiring their maximum potential.

The effects of lack of training can be reflected within any component or department of the organization.

Hiring and training new employees is much more expensive than simply training current employees – experience plays an important role – in many cases it is thought that training is much more expensive, however in the long term it has a higher cost of NOT HAVING IT.

American Center for Progress conducted a study where it was found that replacing an employee generates costs of up to 300% of his base salary .

In Mexico, the turnover rate is 16.75%, the highest in Latin America. Is it cultural? Lack of training? Lack of motivation

A company that constantly trains its employees will have more and better possibilities of achieving its objectives in less time, and as a bonus, employees who receive solid training tend to be more efficient and productive in their work.

Training is one of the best investment opportunities for companies in uncertain times.


by Abdullah Sam
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